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Room Attendant/Hotel Cleaner Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship

Looking for Room Attendant or Hotel Cleaner Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship? Explore opportunities in the thriving Polish tourism industry and kickstart your career. Cleaning, housekeeping, and being a room attendant are all physically and mentally hard jobs. But in big, professional settings, these jobs are a lot of fun and a great way to grow as a worker. Someone from 23 to 45 years old needs to work as a room attendant or hotel cleaner for a big hotel chain in Poland.

This job offer comes with a visa sponsor, free food, help with housing, and a friendly team environment. Cleaning bathrooms, restaurants, and meeting places is all part of the job. Learn more about jobs as a room attendant or hotel cleaner in Poland that will pay for your visa by reading on.


Welcome to the World of Hotel Cleaning

As a room attendant in Poland, you can expect a busy and satisfying job. Your job is very important to make sure that hotel guests have a clean, safe, and enjoyable stay. The feeling of accomplishment that comes from making tourists’ experiences better can be very satisfying.


One of your major jobs as a room attendant is to keep the guest rooms and public areas of a hotel clean and in order. This includes making beds, switching out sheets, restocking amenities, and making sure rooms are spotless.

Skills Required

You need to be able to pay close attention to details, handle your time well, and be physically strong to do well in this job. Because you’ll be on your feet for long periods of time, you need to be in good shape.

Details of Room Attendant/Hotel Cleaner Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship 

  • Job Title: Hotel Room Maid
  • Job Region: Poland
  • Job Schedule: On Monday, work starts at 8.00; on Tuesday and other days, from 9.00 to 17.00. 8-Hours working day
  • Hourly Rate: 9 PLN per hour
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Expected salary: PLN 1728 – 2160
  • Employee Benefits: Yes
  • Age Limit: 23-45

Requirements of Room Attendant and Hotel Cleaner Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship

  • The applicant must be between 23 and 45 years of age.
  • No knowledge is required.
  • No experience is required.

Benefits of Room Attendant/Hotel Cleaner Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship 

  • Stable Employment: Room attendants and cleaners are typically in high demand in the hospitality industry, which provides stable employment opportunities.
  • Flexible Hours: Numerous hotels provide flexible scheduling options, which facilitate the juggling of professional obligations alongside domestic commitments or other responsibilities.
  • Entry-Level Opportunities: Entry-level opportunities are characterized by their minimal prerequisite knowledge or educational requirements, rendering them accessible to a diverse array of individuals seeking to commence employment.
  • Training and Skill Development: In the realm of training and skill development, hotels customarily offer practical experience-based instruction that encompasses customer service acumen, housekeeping methodologies, and collaborative endeavors.
  • Progression in One’s Career: Room attendant roles can function as an initial step towards professional development in the hospitality sector. Individuals may be afforded opportunities to advance into supervisory or managerial positions as they gain experience.
  • Social Interaction: Social interaction is a valuable aspect of the job as it offers opportunities to meet new people and improve communication skills while interacting with visitors and coworkers.
  • Physical Activity: Physical activity is frequently incorporated into the cleaning and housekeeping responsibilities, thereby potentially enhancing one’s overall fitness and health.
  • Advantages of Employment: The eligibility of room attendants for benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and discounts on hotel accommodations or services is contingent upon the employer.
  • gratuities and Incentives: Room attendants may be eligible to receive gratuities or incentives contingent on performance, which presents a potential avenue for augmenting their earnings.
  • Job Satisfaction: Maintaining clean and comfortable guest rooms is an essential component in guaranteeing a favorable experience for hotel patrons, thereby fostering job contentment and instilling a feeling of achievement.
Room AttendantHotel Cleaner Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship 

Duties of a Room Attendant or Hotel Cleaner

  • Signing up people and keeping track of them
  • Making bookings for rooms or any other hotel service, like dining services.
  • Doing check-in walks for security and other reasons.
  • Taking care of housework when it’s needed.
  • Hotel lobbies, waiting areas, welcome areas, and other public areas need to be cleaned and kept in good shape.
  • Cleaning and taking care of designated or assigned places
  • Cleaning the bathrooms, meeting rooms, and the hotel kitchen or dining area.
  • Keeping an eye on the stock of cleaning supplies and restocking them as needed, or telling the general manager or housekeeping manager about any problems or bottlenecks that come up with a lack of cleaning supplies

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How to Apply for Room Attendant/Hotel Cleaner Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship 

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If you want to work as a room attendant or hotel cleaner in Poland and get your visa paid for, this is a great job chance. It lets you join the tourism business that’s doing so well and see the beautiful sights of this European country. If you want a job that pays well and has a bit of excitement, this could be the right choice for you.

  1. What Are The Requirements of Room Attendant and Hotel Cleaner Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship

    The applicant must be between 23 and 45 years of age.
    No knowledge is required.
    No experience is required.

  2. What is the basic salary of a cleaner in Poland?

    The average pay for a cleaner is PLN 47,380 a year and PLN 23 an hour in Poland. The average salary range for a cleaner is between PLN 36,624 and PLN 54,487.

  3. How many rooms does a room attendant clean per shift?

    The average hotel housekeeping worker is required to check and/or clean between 12 and 20 rooms in an eight-hour shift. That allows for only 20 to 30 minutes for the room at best, since time to restock the cart and travel between floors must be considered, as well as breaks in the hotel housekeeper’s shift.


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