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Slicers/ Packers Jobs in Poland 2024 Visa Sponsorship

There is a job opening for a slicer/packer at a top independent food service company in Warsaw, Poland. You have to prepare and make steak and bacon things, as well as cut them, package them, and put labels on them. In addition to having your visa paid for, you will get free food, tea, and coffee, as well as free housing that is close enough to walk to work. This is a full-time, permanent job.

Let’s learn more about slicers and packers jobs in Poland with visa sponsorship (free food and accommodation).


Details of Slicers/ Packers Jobs in Poland

  • Job title: Slicer/ Packer/ Food Production Worker.
  • Job Location: Warsaw, Poland.
  • Employment Term: Full-time and Permanent.
  • Knowledge required: Very Basic.
  • Experience required: Not high
  • Expected Salary: 5000-5500 PLN NET (≈1000$-1200$).
  • Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, 06:00 to 16:00
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes.

Requirements of Slicers/ Packers Jobs in Poland

  • Must be fit enough to stand for a long time.
  • Having worked in a meat plant before is helpful, but not required.
  • Must be able to work quickly.

Benefits of Slicers/ Packers Jobs in Poland

  • Availability of Employment: The food processing sector in Poland is sizable, generating a multitude of job prospects for slicers and shippers. As a result of the consistent demand for these positions, job security may be greater than in other industries.
  • Entry-Level Opportunities: A considerable number of slicing and packaging positions are characterized by their lack of prerequisite education and specialized expertise, rendering them feasible for a diverse array of individuals, including those embarking on their professional careers.
  • Training Opportunities: Although formal education may not be required, numerous organizations provide slicers and shippers with on-the-job training. This may involve acquiring knowledge of quality control measures, equipment operation, and food safety regulations, all of which are transferable skills applicable to a variety of industries.
  • Competitive Wages: Remuneration for slicers and packers in Poland is subject to variation contingent upon experience, geographical placement, and sector-specific considerations. However, compensation can be competitive in comparison to other entry-level positions, particularly in regions where the food processing industry has a high demand for labor.
  • Potential for Professional Growth: Commencing one’s career as a slicer or packer may serve as a precursor to securing more senior-level positions within the food processing sector. Through the accumulation of experience and further education, individuals have the potential to advance to positions of authority or develop expertise in specific domains, such as production management or quality assurance.
  • Employee Benefits: Numerous Polish businesses provide health insurance, paid time off, and retirement programs, among other perks, to their staff, including those in slicing and packing positions. These advantages have the potential to enhance overall job satisfaction and financial stability.
  • Industry Stability: In comparison to other sectors, the food processing industry is generally less vulnerable to economic downturns due to the fact that food consumption persists irrespective of economic circumstances. The aforementioned stability may instill a feeling of assurance in individuals employed in positions involving slicing and packaging.
  • Opportunities for Foreign Workers: Poland is an appealing location for foreign workers due to its expanding economy and demand for labor in sectors such as food processing. Numerous businesses welcome applications from foreign nationals, thereby facilitating career progression and fostering cultural interchange.

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Job Description of a Slicer/ Packer

  • Making food every day in a controlled environment and following directions.
  • Steaks and bacon products are packed, cut, and labeled.
  • Putting health and safety rules and routines into place
  • Make a daily and weekly cleaning plan and stick to it
  • They are in charge of rotating the stock.
    following the right way to package and mark something.

How to Apply for Slicers/ Packers Jobs in Poland?

More Info

  1. What Are The Requirements of Slicers/ Packer Jobs in Poland 2024?

    Must be fit enough to stand for a long time.
    Having worked in a meat plant before is helpful, but not required.
    Must be able to work quickly.

  2. What Are The Salary of Slicers/ Packer Jobs in Poland

    Expected Salary: 5000–5500 PLN NET (≈1000–1200).

  3. How can I get a job offer from Poland?

    Both Polish employers and entities providing job placement services in Poland publish job offers in the press, online or in their registered offices and via other forms of communication, e.g., social media. Most daily newspapers, both nationwide and local, contain special columns with job advertisements.



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