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Truck Driver Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship 2024

Working as a truck driver in Poland with a sponsoring visa for the year can be a great job for poor workers. Research shows a lack of skilled heavy truck drivers in Poland, the Baltic States, and all of the EU, and there is a high demand for new truck drivers. Because of this, the country wants to support visas for hundreds of thousands of people to come to the country.

Also in high demand are delivery drivers and truck workers. You can work and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the country at the same time. You are in the right place if you think you can drive anything from a small car to a big truck.


In this post, we give you all the information you need to know about truck driving jobs in Poland for foreigners with Visa Sponsorship, including links to the jobs and the contact information for companies who need foreign drivers. We will help you in every way to get this job. This post tells you everything you need to know to apply for this job.

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Details of Truck Driver Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship

  • Job Title: Truck Driver
  • Job Region: Poland
  • Knowledge required: No
  • Experience required: No
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes
  • Expected Salary: 1000-1300 Euros
  • Employee Benefits: Yes
Truck Driver Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship
Truck Driver Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship

Requirements of Truck Driver Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship

  • Card with a digital tachograph.
  • EC type of driving 3 years of driving experience, ideally in another country.
  • I’ve worked in this field for a year.
  • Allowed by the law to work in Poland.

Benefits of Truck Driver Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship

  • Stability of Employment: Truck driver demand frequently remains high, resulting in a stable labor market. You obtain employment with a company that is willing to support your legal status in Poland through visa sponsorship.
  • Competitive Salary: Truck drivers are generally remunerated competitively, particularly those who possess specialized expertise or years of experience. Considerably higher salaries may be offered to lorry drivers in Poland, where a dearth of this occupation exists.
  • Visa Support: Visa sponsorship eliminates your administrative burdens by having the employer manage the legal aspects of your stay in Poland. Assisting with visa applications, work permits, and residency permits may fall under this category.
  • Career Development Opportunities: Certain trucking companies provide prospects for professional progression, including positions as a dispatcher, lead driver, or even proprietorship of an independent trucking enterprise.
  • Travel and Exploration: Truck driving affords the opportunity for extensive travel throughout Poland and potentially Europe, affording the chance to encounter diverse cities, landscapes, and cultures.
  • Health Benefits and Insurance: A considerable number of trucking companies furnish their employees with health insurance and supplementary benefits, thereby guaranteeing their access to necessary medical treatment.
  • Flexible Schedule: Although the occupation of truck driving may entail extended periods of time, it frequently provides the opportunity for schedule flexibility. Potentially available are routes or schedules that accommodate your personal schedule.
  • Job Satisfaction: Job satisfaction can be achieved through truck driving for individuals who take pleasure in the autonomy and driving itself. Achieving the delivery of merchandise throughout Poland and beyond may engender a feeling of fulfillment.
  • Opportunities for Training: Certain organizations provide training programs designed to enhance the proficiency of new drivers or individuals seeking to improve their existing abilities. This may be advantageous for advancing one’s career and enhancing employment opportunities.
  • Contribution to the Economy: Truck drivers effectively facilitate the timely and efficient transportation of products, thereby making a significant economic contribution. You contribute to the efficient operation of industries and enterprises in Poland and beyond by accepting this position.

Job Description of a Truck Driver

  • Actively make sure that work is done safely to create a safe place to work and show that safety is a top priority in the company.
  • They move a wide range of things, mostly paper.
  • Check for safety and perform preventive maintenance. Inspect vehicles for mechanical parts and possible dangers.
  • Drive trucks into places where they can be loaded or unloaded using the right maneuvering skills.
  • Report flaws, accidents, or violations.
  • Make sure to write down the miles and the times you work and rest.
  • Keep all of your paperwork, like bills of lading, records of delivery, and gas and toll receipts.
  • Follow the company’s policies and procedures and any rules and laws about driving a truck, such as those about size, weight, route designations, parking, and breaks.

How to Apply for Truck Driver Jobs in Poland Visa Sponsorship?

  • If you click on the link below, you’ll be taken to the official job search site. Use the “Apply” button below the job description to send in your application.
  • You can also use yourself to look for a job by using the search box and the area box to narrow down the results of your job search. Type your job title, such as “Truck Driver Jobs in Poland with visa sponsorship”, “Cargo Delivery Jobs in Poland with visa sponsorship”, “Delivery Driver Jobs in Poland with visa sponsorship”, “Cargo Truck Driver Jobs in Poland with visa sponsorship”, “Heavy vehicles drivers jobs in Poland with visa sponsorship”, “Logistics Driving Jobs in Poland with visa sponsorship”, or “Driving Jobs in Poland with visa sponsorship”.
  • By choosing a particular location, you can narrow down your searches even more. For example, in the bar below the search bar, choose Warsaw, Poland.
  • It’s better to have an up-to-date CV Resume and Cover letter.
  • Examine the job posting details like job description, job requirements, job duties, etc.
  • Ensure you meet all standards before you apply. Carefully look at the job part and what it requires.
  • Click the “Online Application” button below.
  • Fill in the information asked for and send in the application.
  • Check to see if you got a confirmation email for the job application you sent.

More Info

  1. How do I get a Polish truck driver visa?

    You must receive a truck driver’s license, and a driver’s card for the tachograph, and convince the company that you have prior truck driving experience before applying for a job.

  2. How much does a truck driver get paid in Poland?

    The average pay for a heavy truck driver is PLN 87,986 a year and PLN 42 an hour in Poland. The average salary range for a heavy truck driver is between PLN 63,702 and PLN 105,232.

  3. Are truck drivers in demand in Poland?

    The market for drivers and truck operators needs more people. There is a high demand for new drivers without experience to start training and working.


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