Agoda Internship With International Relocation 2024

Agoda is well-known among people who like to travel. I use Agoda myself when I travel. Agoda is one of the biggest and fastest-growing online travel sites. It is used to book flights, hotels, and things to do. The Agoda Internship is open to students from all over the world. It also helps people who are moving.

Agoda is based in Bangkok, Thailand. The internships can be done at the office in Bangkok. The 10-week paid internship program at Agoda is for college students. Applying is open to anyone from any country. A wonderful chance. A healthy life. Work and enjoyment in Bangkok Here are some more facts about the Agoda Internship 2024.


What is Agoda?

Agoda is one of the best places to book travel online. It offers a huge selection of hotels, flights, and activities for people all over the world. The company is known for having an easy-to-use website and mobile app that make it simple for tourists to book their dream vacations. Agoda is owned by Booking Holdings, which also owns, Priceline, and Kayak, which are all well-known booking sites.

Significance of Internships

An internship is an important step for students and recent graduates who want to have a successful job. They give people real-world experience that lets them use what they’ve learned, get skills specific to their field, and network with pros. The company Agoda knows how important jobs are and has a full program to help young people get started in the world of online travel and business.

Details of Agoda Internship With International Relocation

  • Internship Location: Bangkok
  • Internship Duration: 10 Weeks
  • Who can Apply: Student

Types of Internships

Agoda offers three types of internships

  • Summer Internships
    • 8 – 10 weeks, June – July
  • Off-Cycle Internship
    • 4 – 16 weeks, August – April
  • Cooperative Internship
    • 4 – 12 months, all-year-round

Benefits of Agoda Internship With International Relocation

  • Global Exposure: Agoda’s operations span across multiple countries, thereby affording apprentices the opportunity to gain insight into a multifaceted and worldwide business milieu. This experience has the potential to increase one’s cultural sensitivity, foster adaptability, and offer valuable perspectives on global business norms and strategies.
  • Opportunities for Networking: An international relocation with Agoda may present prospects for establishing a professional network on a global scale. By interacting with coworkers from various regions and origins, interns have the opportunity to forge connections that could prove advantageous in their future professional endeavors.
  • Industry Insights: Interns who are affiliated with a preeminent online travel agency such as Agoda are afforded valuable industry insights into the ever-changing and dynamic travel and hospitality sector. Those with a professional inclination towards e-commerce, technology, or the travel industry may find this exposure especially beneficial.
  • Skill Development: Internships provide outstanding opportunities for the development of skills. Interns at Agoda may be afforded the opportunity to augment their aptitudes in analysis, problem-solving, communication, and project management by means of practical involvement and encounters with authentic business dilemmas.
  • Learning Environment: In light of its technology-centric nature, Agoda may grant trainees access to state-of-the-art tools, technologies, and methodologies that are widely employed within the industry. This exposure facilitates ongoing education and the advancement of one’s career.
  • Mentorship: Agoda interns might be afforded the chance to collaborate closely with seasoned practitioners who are also available to act as mentors. Mentorship can offer invaluable guidance, career counsel, and industry insights.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Interns who relocate internationally are afforded the opportunity to immerse themselves in and gain cultural knowledge of various societies. Engaging in cultural enrichment can yield personal benefits and enhance one’s professional portfolio in a comprehensive way.
  • Strengthening of Resume: The inclusion of an overseas internship with Agoda can substantially augment one’s curriculum vitae. It exhibits qualities such as flexibility, a worldwide outlook, and prior involvement with a frontrunner in the online travel sector, all of which may prove appealing to prospective employers.
  • Language Skills: Interns may be afforded the chance to develop or obtain language proficiency, contingent upon the placement of the internship. This can be especially advantageous for individuals seeking employment in environments that are multicultural and multilingual.
  • Possibility of Securing Full-Time Employment: Internships frequently function as a means to secure full-time employment. Promising interns who demonstrate strong performance and alignment with Agoda’s objectives and values might be considered for permanent positions within the organization.

Eligibility Criteria

  • University students can fill out an application.
  • At the moment, there are 7,000 workers of 102 different nationalities from all over the world.
  • It doesn’t matter what year it is. They always try to find the most talented people.

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Equal Opportunity Employer 

Agoda gives everyone a chance and looks at all of their applications. Agoda encourages all college, university, and graduate students to apply for internships and joint work experiences. Full-time jobs are open to all new college graduates.


How to Apply for the Agoda Internship Program?

The positions for internships are open, and all the possibilities are listed. You have to apply for a job that fits your skills and experience.

The application process is done online. Below is a link to the Agoda Internship Program’s official page.

More Info


To sum up, an Agoda internship with foreign relocation is a great way for students and recent graduates to learn useful skills in the travel business. It gives you real-world experience, a guide, and the chance to work in different places while getting paid for your work. Agoda’s job program might be perfect for you if you love traveling and want to start a career in this fast-paced field.

  1. What is the eligibility criteria for the Agoda Internship Program?

    University students can fill out an application.
    At the moment, there are 7,000 workers of 102 different nationalities from all over the world.
    It doesn’t matter what year it is. They always try to find the most talented people.

  2. Does Agoda provide visa sponsorship?

    Yes, for eligible roles, our international mobility support also covers your spouse and children, including dependent (non-work) visa sponsorship. Check the job description to determine if the role you’re applying for is eligible for international relocation support.

  3. Is Agoda a travel agency? 

    Agoda is part of (NASDAQ: PCLN), one of the largest and most established online travel agents in the world. Agoda is operated by Agoda Company Pte Ltd., a Singaporean company that is managed by a multi-national team.


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