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Berries Picking Jobs in Australia Visa Sponsorship 2024

Australia is famous for its vast landscapes and thriving agriculture. People who love farming are welcome to look into berry-picking chances there. This article tells you everything you need to know about berry-picking jobs in Australia that will sponsor your visa. It talks about the duties of the job, the perks, the requirements to be eligible, the pay, and how to apply for these great jobs.

Details of Berries Picking Jobs in Australia Visa Sponsorship

  • Country Name: Australia
  • Job type: Berries Picking
  • Experience Required: No
  • Knowledge Required: No
  • Age Limit: Minimum 20 Years
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Salary: 20-30 AUD/ Hour


In Australia, people who work as berry pickers pick different kinds of berries, like raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. This hands-on job is necessary to make sure that the berry crop is of good quality and plenty of it. Some important duties could be:

  • Harvesting: picking ripe berries by hand according to quality standards.
  • Sorting and Packing: Sorting and putting berries into packages so they can be sent out.
  • Field Maintenance: Getting help with things like weeding, pruning, and general farm upkeep.
  • Quality Control: Making sure that only the best berries are picked and packed.

Benefits of Berries Picking Jobs

  • Flexible Schedule: Berries picking occupations frequently provide employees with a flexible schedule, enabling them to determine their preferred work hours. Particularly appealing to individuals with other obligations or commitments is this degree of flexibility.
  • Seasonal Employment: There are picking opportunities for numerous berries that are in season at specific periods of the year. This feature enables individuals to participate in impermanent work during the season without committing to a lengthy term, thus catering to the preferences of those who favor short-term employment.
  • Outdoor Work: Berry picking positions generally entail performing labor in unspoiled natural environments. Those with a penchant for nature and physical exertion may find this a gratifying facet of the occupation.
  • Physical Activity and Exercise: The act of gathering berries necessitates exertion of the body, including strolling, bending, and reaching. This activity can serve as a form of physical activity and enhance one’s overall physical health.
  • Collaboration and Social Engagement: Berry harvesting frequently necessitates group effort, which fosters a sense of camaraderie and collaboration. Social interactions among colleagues have the potential to enhance job satisfaction and foster a sense of support.
  • Potential for Earnings: Although berry harvesting wages can differ, employees are frequently compensated in accordance with the quantity of berries they harvest. Individuals who demonstrate efficiency and diligence have the capacity to generate a respectable standard of living.
  • Skill Development: Berry picking jobs may necessitate the acquisition of particular competencies, including the ability to discern ripe berries, employ appropriate harvesting methodologies, and manage time proficiently. These abilities are applicable in a variety of situations.
  • Connection to Agriculture: Berry harvesting offers an opportunity to establish a direct correlation with the agricultural sector. By gaining knowledge of the berry cultivation and harvesting process, individuals enhance their comprehension of food production.
  • No Formal Education Required: In general, berry harvesting employment does not necessitate a formal education or specialized training. This feature enhances their accessibility to a diverse array of individuals, including those lacking specialized credentials or advanced degrees.
  • Possibility of Travel: Certain berry harvesting positions may necessitate relocation to alternative sites, particularly when considering the varying harvest seasons of distinct berries. This affords individuals the chance to investigate diverse regions and gain exposure to novel environments.

Eligibility Criteria

People who want to work picking berries in Australia and get a visa usually have to meet the following requirements:

  • Work Authorization: Get the work authorization you need. Often, a company can help you get a seasonal work visa or permit.
  • Physical Fitness: Being in good health and being able to work outside for long amounts of time.
  • Language Proficiency: English skills needed to understand and follow directions.
  • Positive Attitude: The ability to work well with others by being open and positive.

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Expected Wages

When people pick berries in Australia, they are often paid based on how many berries they pick or pack. Hourly wages can be anywhere from AUD 20 to AUD 30 on average, and some jobs offer extra rewards based on how much work they get done.

How to Apply

To get jobs picking berries in Australia that will pay for your visa, do these things:

  • Research Opportunities: You can look for jobs in agriculture on online job boards, through recruitment companies, or by calling Australian berry farms directly.
  • Prepare Documentation: Make sure your work permit is up to date and include any related agricultural experience on your resume.
  • Create a Profile: Sign up for reputable job boards or farm recruitment websites and make a detailed resume that shows why you’re a good candidate for picking berries.
  • Apply Online: Send your applications straight through online platforms, and make sure to follow the instructions each employer gives you.

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Picking berries jobs in Australia in 2024 that will pay for your visa is a one-of-a-kind chance to see the beauty of Australian farming. Use this chance to apply right away if you love the outdoors and want to help Australia’s farming business grow. Your journey to a satisfying farming job in Australia is about to begin!

  1. What are berry-picking jobs in Australia?

    Berry pickers in Australia are in charge of picking raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and other berries by hand. As part of their job, they gather, sort, pack, and ensure quality control.

  2. What are the benefits of berry-picking jobs in Australia?

    Some companies will help you find a place to stay, sponsor your visa, give you cultural experience, and pay you fairly based on how many berries you pick or by the hour.

  3. How much do blueberry pickers get paid in Australia? 

    If we look at the Blueberry picking salary statistics in Australia, the represented employee makes $114,277; to be more precise, the pay rate is $9,523 per month, $2,198 per week, or $60.15 per hour.


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