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Best Paid Unskilled Jobs in Australia – Check Now

Australia is one of the few countries that allows and compensates students for working 20 hours per week. Whichever of these top-paid part-time jobs in Australia you choose, will help you meet your bills!

Studying abroad can be costly. However, if you plan carefully, you can easily meet both your tuition and living expenses and pay for your education on your own. You can always start with scholarships and grants. They are, however, more difficult to obtain. However, finding part-time work is simple, especially in Australia. Furthermore, the Australian student visa allows you to work 20 hours per week. And the pay you receive will be sufficient to cover the costs of your lodging, food, and transportation! All you have to do is choose one of the highest-paying part-time jobs in Australia from our list and get started!


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How to find the highest-paying part-time jobs in Australia?

Part-time work in Australia for international students should not be difficult to come by. You are already halfway to getting a solid part-time job as a student if you have strong communication skills, meet the minimum standards, and have the correct networking channels. The most crucial thing to do before looking for work is to create a strong CV.

An effective CV makes a good first impression on the company and helps you get a job interview. Many colleges should include a career program that helps students create and structure resumes that list their abilities, education, experience, and interests.

Where to look for the highest-paying part-time jobs in Australia?

#1. Online Job listings

Students can use the internet to hunt for part-time work. Indeed, CareerOne, MyCareer, Seek, and ApplyDirect are some alternatives in this area.

#2. References

Students should contact the university’s caring department, alumni, or professors for a reference for a part-time job. It will be simple to get work in Australia with the assistance of the university community.


#3. Internal Jobs

Part-time on-campus employment for students will be available, including Library assistant, Barista, Campus Ambassador, Fitness class instructor, Social Media assistant, and many more.

The highest-paying part-time jobs in Australia:

#1. Babysitter

Those who have had siblings and are good with youngsters can work as babysitters. Typically, the work includes feeding, bathing, and putting children to sleep.

However, in other situations, you may be required to organize activities, assist with schoolwork, and drive children to and from school (or classes).

  • Pay: $15 to $20 a week
  • Requirements: Experience working with children, a Blue Card, and a certain degree of English fluency are required.

If you have recommendations from prior employers’ parents, you will have a better chance of landing the job. And the more tasks you take on, the more money you’ll make!

#2. Mail deliverer

A mail carrier’s duty is straightforward: follow a route, deliver incoming goods, and recover outgoing mail.

It’s quick and simple to set up, and it allows you to work on weekends and at night.

  • Pay: $19 to $22 an hour
  • Requirement: I finished 10th grade and am available to work weekends and nights.

And, as a mail carrier, remember to get the parcel delivery signed and notify your office if there was a failed delivery attempt.

#3. Delivery person

Working as a delivery driver is another alternative for those who enjoy driving. This can be done on a motorcycle or in a car, as long as you drive properly and do not damage the delivery cargo.

  • Pay: $18 to $25 per hour
  • Requirements: Valid driver’s license, clean driving history.

It is also permissible to transport packages by bicycle, but only if the distance is small.

#4. Driver

Working part-time as a personal driver would be ideal if you have your vehicle and enjoy driving and exploring new locations.

If you drive safely, keep your vehicle clean, and are pleasant to your passengers, the job pays very well.

  • Pay: $20 to $25 per hour
  • Requirements: A valid driver’s license and a clean driving record are required.

If you don’t possess a car, you can work as an Uber driver or as a school bus driver on the side.

#5. Personal trainer

If you are a health and fitness enthusiast who wants to assist people in transforming their lifestyles, becoming a personal trainer is the profession for you!

Assessing your client’s needs, developing a training plan for them, and training them with exercises they can do at home and in the gym will be among your responsibilities.

  • Pay: $20 to $25 per hour
  • Requirements: A certification in training or a yoga or pilates license.

The nicest aspect about working as a personal trainer is that you can work remotely, provide online tutorials, and follow up with clients over the phone.

#6. Cleaner

Cleaning is one of the highest-paying part-time occupations in Australia, despite popular belief. It not only pays well, but it also allows you to work flexible hours and does not require fluency in English.

To begin, you can join a cleaning firm or register with Helping and look for employment in private houses, hotels, restaurants, and so on.

  • Pay: $20 to $25 per hour
  • Requirements: None

Your income will vary based on where you find work, but keep in mind that the federal minimum wage is $18.5 per hour.

#7. Freelancer

If you intend to start your own business sometime in the future, becoming a freelancer is the greatest option.

You are not required to pay a minimum charge for this (like in Spain) or to limit the amount you can make from your labor.

  • Pay: Depending on your skill level and the industry
  • Requirements: Ability in any sector, such as writing, web development, marketing, counseling, and so on.

Freelancing will not only help you earn money, but it will also allow you to network with individuals in your field of interest and possibly even land a job after graduation!

#8. Head server

A head server at a restaurant or hotel is one of the highest-paying part-time occupations in Australia.

It’s a management position, therefore you’ll be in control of various things. Such as educating employees, managing the menu, investigating complaints, and ensuring client happiness.

  • Pay: $25 an hour
  • Requirements: 10th grade completion, waiter or waitress experience (if applicable).

The main disadvantage is that you may have to work strange hours on weekends and during holiday seasons.

#9. Tutor

If you’re a bookworm who enjoys talking about a subject and has always wanted to teach others, this could be your chance.

As a tutor, you will need to question pupils about tough issues or subject areas, set progress targets for them, and teach them properly.

  • Pay: $20 to $30 an hour
  • Requirements: A bachelor’s degree, certification, or diploma, as well as fluency in English are required.

Other components of the job include assessing recent homework assignments and communicating with parents about problem areas or other concerns that need to be addressed.

#10. Travel agent

In Australia, the highest-paying part-time job is that of a travel agent. It’s for people who enjoy traveling, discovering new places, and sharing their experiences with others.

The job will entail chatting to clients about various travel places, assisting them in planning their travels and making a few reservations on their behalf.

  • Pay: It is dependent on how many sales you earn.
  • Requirement: Travel experience, strong selling abilities, and proficiency in English are required.

Yes, the prerequisites are extensive, but the commissions a travel agent can earn can reach $50,000 per year!

Benefits of Best Paid Unskilled Jobs in Australia:

  • Competitive Wages: Some unskilled jobs in Australia pay competitive wages, allowing individuals to maintain a respectable standard of life and financial security. Pay rates might differ depending on the work and region.
  • Employment with Consistent Demand: Many unskilled employees are in industries with consistent demand, such as hospitality, retail, and agriculture. This can result in stable employment and job security for persons in these positions.
  • Flexibility: Some unskilled jobs have flexible work schedules, making it simpler for people to balance work with other responsibilities like school, family, or personal interests.
  • Entry-Level Opportunities: Unskilled occupations are frequently utilized as entry points into the workforce, allowing workers to gain significant work experience that may be used to enhance their careers or pursue further education and training.
  • Potential for Advancement: While this employment may begin as unskilled positions, some people can advance within their companies or industries, eventually taking on more skilled responsibilities or supervisory ones.
  • Benefits and Perks: Depending on the business, unskilled workers may be eligible for benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and employee discounts, which can supplement their overall pay package.
  • Work-Life Balance: Some unskilled positions, notably those in the hotel industry, may provide possibilities for social contacts and a stimulating work atmosphere, resulting in a better work-life balance.
  • Chances for Networking: Unskilled professions frequently require dealing with a varied range of people, which can be beneficial for networking and creating relationships that may lead to future career chances.
  • Supportive Work Environment: Many businesses acknowledge the value of having a friendly and inclusive work environment, which can lead to job satisfaction for unskilled individuals.
  • Accessibility: These professions are frequently available to a diverse spectrum of people, regardless of educational background, offering them a choice for those who may not have had the opportunity to seek higher education.

How else can I cover my expenses?

Before I respond, please ensure that you are working on tax. This will prevent you from working extra hours while earning less than you should.

Moving on to additional potential sources of funding for your study abroad expenses. You may-

  • Fill out a scholarship application.
  • Look for low-cost lodging options.
  • Obtain a position as an assistant.
  • Use these tried-and-true money-management strategies.

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  1. How much do unskilled workers get paid in Australia?

    According to the Unskilled Labor Salary Statistics in Australia as of 6 September 2023, the representative employee makes $61,750 per month, $1,187 per week, or $32.5 per hour.

  2. Does Australia need unskilled workers?

    Agriculture, construction, and hospitality are merely some of the businesses that depend significantly on unskilled labor. There are lots of options accessible if you’re willing to get your hands dirty.

  3. Can I move to Australia as an unskilled worker?

    Permanent migration to Australia has become feasible for low-skilled employees who cannot communicate in English well. Working in the Northern Territory of Australia for three years will enable you to apply for permanent residency. This new criteria was set in place to attract more low-skilled employees to Australia.


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