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English Teaching Jobs in Taiwan with Visa Sponsorship

If you want to teach English on the beautiful island of Taiwan, Arun Language Training & Recruitment Ltd. will give you job perks that you couldn’t even dream of. Starting pay is GBP 1900, you get a free visa when you arrive, and you only have to teach for 26 hours.

You also get all of the materials, tools, training, and an introduction at the beginning. No need to verify papers before getting there. There are foreign schools all over Taiwan, so you can teach anywhere. Find out more about English teaching jobs in Taiwan with visa sponsorship by reading on.


Details of English Teaching Jobs in Taiwan with Visa Sponsorship

  • Job Title: English Teacher
  • Job Country: Taiwan.
  • Expected salary: 1600 GBP or 2400 USD.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes
  • Knowledge required: Bachelor’s degree in English Linguistics or Education or US Associate Degree.
  • Knowledge required: At least 2 years proven.
  • Working Hours: 26 hours a week.
English Teaching Jobs in Taiwan with Visa Sponsorship
English Teaching Jobs in Taiwan with Visa Sponsorship

Requirements of English Teaching Jobs in Taiwan

  • Bachelor’s degree or the US equivalent, such as an Associate’s degree.
  • You need a TEFL certificate if you have an associate’s degree from the US.
  • You need a hard copy of every paper, but you don’t have to sign them.
  • You must not have done anything wrong in the past.

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Benefits of English Teaching Jobs in Taiwan with Visa Sponsorship

  • Legal Authorization: Legal authorization to reside and operate in Taiwan is secured by obtaining a job that sponsors a visa. This solution liberates individuals from the anxiety and unpredictability linked to visa regulations, enabling them to concentrate on their pedagogical obligations.
  • Employment Stability: Contracts frequently accompany English teaching positions in Taiwan, providing financial security and stability regarding residency status and income. This level of stability is especially advantageous for those who wish to establish a vocation in education in Taiwan.
  • Competitive Salaries: English teaching positions in Taiwan generally provide competitive remuneration, enabling individuals to maintain a comfortable standard of living and provide for their families.
  • Cultural Immersion: The experience of instructing English in Taiwan affords one the chance to fully engage with the culture, language, and way of life of the Taiwanese people. One can experience Taiwan’s rich history, traditions, and cuisine while interacting with natives daily by residing and working in the country.
  • Career Advancement and Professional Development: English teaching positions in Taiwan provide prospects for professional growth and development. By developing their teaching abilities, gaining practical experience, and pursuing additional credentials or certifications in education, educators can profit.
  • Work-Life Balance: Taiwan places a premium on work-life equilibrium, as evidenced by its ample vacation time and public holidays. English instructors in Taiwan frequently benefit from a moderate burden and adaptable timetables, which enable them to engage in personal pursuits and embark on journeys across Taiwan and Asia.
  • Supportive Community: Taiwan’s English teaching community is thriving and supportive, providing instructors with access to a wealth of resources, social events, and networking opportunities. The establishment of enduring friendships and adaptation to life in Taiwan can be facilitated by this sense of community.
  • Travel Opportunities: Owing to its strategic geographical position in Asia, Taiwan serves as an optimal launching pad for expeditions to neighboring countries within the region. During their time off, English instructors in Taiwan are allowed to travel, thereby gaining exposure to a variety of landscapes and cultures.
  • Language Acquisition: The opportunity to reside and operate in Taiwan is highly conducive to the acquisition of the Mandarin Chinese language or the enhancement of pre-existing linguistic abilities. A considerable number of English instructors in Taiwan enroll in immersion programs or language courses to improve their command of Mandarin.
  • Cultural Exchange: English instructors are in a unique position to impart their knowledge and insights regarding their culture to Taiwanese pupils, thereby promoting mutual appreciation and understanding across cultures. Cultural exchange serves to enhance the scholastic milieu and foster a sense of worldwide consciousness among pupils.

Job Description of an English Teacher

  • Each month, they teach in the classroom for 26 hours.
  • Taking a close look at student work and offering detailed feedback
  • Students are mentored and given advice on how to improve their English language skills, and online self-learning methods are suggested.
  • experienced with skilled and modern ways to teach.
  • assigning and coordinating the tasks of the students.
  • Getting ready for lessons in listening, speaking, and writing
  • Making work for class and marking tasks
  • Placement, progress, and achievement tests are graded.
  • Creating hard and soft supplementary materials for core courses and special or extra courses Also, make books and worksheets for kids who don’t do well.
  • Senior staff will set up meetings or workshops for the staff.
  • Helping with the smooth running of listening, speaking, and writing exams.

How to Apply for English Teaching Jobs in Taiwan with Visa Sponsorship

  • Make a page on Jooble to sign up for it.
  • Click on the confirmation email that was sent to your mailbox, spam, or trash to turn on the account.
  • Sign in and click on the job role you want.
  • Send in the papers to apply.

More Info

  1. What Are The Requirements for English Teaching Jobs in Taiwan

    Bachelor’s degree or the US equivalent, such as an Associate’s degree.
    You need a TEFL Certificate if you have an Associate’s degree from the US.
    You need a hard copy of every paper, but you don’t have to sign them.
    You must not have done anything wrong in the past.

  2. Are English teachers in demand in Taiwan?

    Demand for online English education is exploding among students based in Taiwan. As a result, several English teaching companies catering specifically to Taiwanese English language learners are seeking native English-speaking applicants to fill a large number of online English teaching vacancies.

  3. What is the age limit for English teachers in Taiwan?

    A TEFL qualification isn’t a visa requirement to teach English in Taiwan. However, many schools will look for a 120-hour TEFL certificate as a minimum. The age restriction for teachers is 65, but teachers between the ages of 20 and 35 are preferred.


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