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High-Paying Countries For Nurses 2024

Nurses, also called nursing practitioners, are very important to healthcare because they care for patients, keep them from getting sick, and treat health problems. In addition to caring for patients, they also have to speak up for them, plan their care, teach, and study. Based on a careful study of average nurse salaries in different countries, this piece looks at the top 10 countries where nurses can make the most money.

Top High Paying Countries For Nurses 2024


Because of its high pay, good working conditions, and high staff happiness, Switzerland is the best place for nurses to work. Switzerland has the best health care system, with 18 nurses for every 1,000 people. In Switzerland, the average income for a nurse is CHF 82,401, and the starting salary for a new nurse is CHF 64,575.



In Australia, nursing is a valued job, and close to 300,000 nurses provide important care. Because of changes in technology, nursing is likely to stay in high demand. A qualified nurse in Australia can make up to $79,550 a year on average.


Denmark has a good system for rewarding doctors and nurses, and they stress the importance of balancing job and personal life. Its strong healthcare system and fair wages make it appealing to nurses who want to move up in their careers. Nursing staff in Denmark make around 398,300 DKK a year.


Luxembourg has a good healthcare system and a need for specialized and elderly care, which makes being a nurse there a fulfilling job. The country has high living standards and fair wages, which makes it a good place to work. Nurses help keep healthcare at a high level and have successful careers. In Luxembourg, a nurse makes €89,250 a year, and the starting pay for a new job is €40,250.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a popular place for nurses who are known all over the world to work. The UAE is a great place for nurses to work because the work is rewarding, the hours are open, and the pay is good. A Registered Nurse makes an average of AED 261,811 a year.

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Canada’s strong healthcare system needs nurses, which makes it a great place to start a nursing job. In Canada, nurses can make up to $72,729 a year.


It costs NOK 749,176 a year to be a Registered Nurse in Norway. The country makes it easy for healthcare workers to do their jobs.


Nurses in Germany have good working conditions and get paid about the same as nurses in other countries. In Germany, a new Registered Nurse makes about 63,859 euros a year.


Nursing is a satisfying job that can be done anywhere in the world. The top 10 countries that pay nurses the most offer fair pay, great working conditions, and chances to move up in their careers. Nurses are very important in providing good healthcare, which improves people’s health all over the world.


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