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How to Get UAE Job Seeker Visa 2024

Are you looking for interesting jobs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? The UAE Job Seeker Visa could be the key to starting your job in this exciting and fast-paced country. This visa lets you check out the UAE job market for yourself, no matter if you’re a new graduate or a seasoned professional. Let’s go over the requirements, list of requirements, and application process step by step so you can easily start your job search.


Definition of UAE Job Seeker Visa

A UAE Job Seeker Visa is a temporary pass that lets people stay in the UAE and look for work. If you don’t know what it means, look it up. This visa is especially helpful for people who want to get a feel for the job market in the area before committing to living there permanently.


Importance of Job Seeker Visa

The job market changes quickly, so it’s more important than ever to be able to look at different possibilities before signing a long-term contract. People with skills can use the work Seeker Visa to get into the UAE’s competitive and wide-ranging work market.

Eligibility Requirements for How to Get UAE Job Seeker Visa

You need to meet the following requirements to get a UAE Job Seeker Visa in 2024:

  • You have to be at least 18 years old to join.
  • Validity of Passport: Make sure your passport is good for at least six months.
  • Stability with money: Show proof that you have enough money to cover your stay in the UAE.
  • Educational Requirements: You must have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent.
  • Skill Level: Have skills that fit into one of the levels listed below: Level 1: Legislators, managers, and business executives; Level 2: Professionals in scientific, technical, and humanities fields; Level 3: Technicians in scientific, technical, and humanitarian fields; Level 4: Professionals who write; Level 5: Service and sales jobs; Level 6: Skilled workers in agriculture, fisheries, and animal husbandry; Level 7: Craftsmen in construction, mining, and other craftsmen; or Level 8: Operators and assemblers of machinery and equipment
  • Recently Graduated: If you graduated from college or university, it shouldn’t have been more than two years since you graduated.
  • Ranking by University: Graduates from the world’s top 500 colleges are eligible.

Benefits of UAE Job Seeker Visa

  • Legal Permission to Explore Employment Opportunities: A Job Seeker Visa would grant individuals lawful authorization to enter the United Arab Emirates with the explicit intention of exploring employment prospects.
  • Extended Stay: Job Seeker visas frequently grant the holder the opportunity to remain in the country for an extended period, enabling them to adequately investigate the job market, attend interviews, and finalize essential preparations.
  • Possibilities for Networking: By physically being present in the country, job seekers can attend job fairs, engage with potential employers, and network with professionals, thereby increasing their prospects of finding suitable employment.
  • Gaining Knowledge of the Job Market: Holders of Job Seeker Visas have the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and understanding of the local labor market, industry intricacies, and employer-specific prerequisites.
  • Easier Transition to Employment Visa: If an individual obtains a job offer while in the country on a Job Seeker Visa, the process of converting to an employment visa may be less complicated.
  • Access to Local Services: Individuals who possess Job Seeker Visas may be granted access to a range of local services, including but not limited to career counseling, assistance from government agencies committed to workforce development, and job placement agencies.
  • Cultural Assimilation: By residing in the United Arab Emirates during the job search phase, candidates can acclimate to the local culture, gain insight into the work environment, and evaluate the country’s viability as a permanent residence.
  • Optimal Job Search: Possessing a Job Seeker Visa grants individuals the liberty to investigate prospects across diverse sectors and organizations, without an initial obligation to a particular employer.

Required Documents

Getting all of the necessary documents together is very important for a good application. Make sure you have these things:

  • A copy of your ID card.
  • A color picture of your ID card from the government.
  • copies of your certificates that have been attested.
  • Proof that your finances are stable.

Visa Validity Options and Costs

You can choose from three different lengths of time for your visa to be valid: 60, 90, or 120 days. Here’s how much the UAE Job Seeker Visa 2024 costs:

  • 60-day visa: AED 555.75
  • 90-day visa: AED 685.75
  • 120-day visa: AED 815.75

Application Process

To get the UAE Job Seeker Visa, do these things:

  • Go to the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA).
  • Fill out the online application form with information about yourself and where you go to school.
  • Upload the necessary files, such as a copy of your passport, a picture of your ID card, attested copies of your credentials, and proof of your finances.
  • Pick the visa validity choice that you want.
  • Pay the visa fee for the length of time you want.
  • Use the online platform to send in your application.

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Visa Approval and Travel

You’ll have to wait for visa acceptance after you send in your application. Processing times can change based on your country of origin and how complete your application is. It usually takes up to 10 business days to get your visa approved.

Once you receive your e-visa

  • Get a hard copy of your e-visa.
  • When you get to the UAE, show it at the customs desk.

More Info

Job Seeking Period

You now have a visa that lets you stay in the UAE for 60, 90, or 120 days so you can look for work and get in touch with possible employers. Take advantage of this time to find chances that fit your skills and goals.

In conclusion, the UAE Job Seeker Visa 2024 is your ticket to getting to know the UAE’s business world better. You can find a lot of job opportunities in this fast-paced country if you meet the requirements, gather the necessary papers, and follow the application process.

  1. Can we apply for a job seeker visa in the UAE?

    Foreigners are granted a visit visa to search for a job without requiring a host or sponsor in the country for one trip. You can apply for a job-seeker visa with a validity of either 60, 90, or 120 days. Read about the eligibility criteria and the steps to apply.

  2. Can I get a UAE visa without a job? 

    First of all, many people are unaware that the United Arab Emirates offers various types of visas. Such as residency visas, green visas, and golden visas. But for those who move to Dubai without a job, a Jobseeker Visit Visa is what they would need.

  3. How much is the job seeker visa fee in the UAE? 

    The fee for a job seeker visa in the UAE varies based on the duration. It comprises a refundable security deposit of Dh1,025 and insurance. The 60-day visa is priced at Dh1,495, the 90-day at Dh1,655, and the 120-day at Dh1,815, as indicated on the ICP website.


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