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Kitchen Steward Jobs in Sharjah With Visa Sponsorship

Discover Exciting Kitchen Steward Jobs in Sharjah with Visa Sponsorship – Your Path to a Thriving Culinary Career Starts Here! Explore Opportunities Today

Hoteling is the best business for unskilled job seekers who want to work in the UAE but don’t have enough education or experience. It pays the most and has other benefits for employees.


The UAE has one of the richest hospitality markets in the world, according to the UAE Hospitality Report 2024 by KPMG UAE. The business is expected to grow by 25% by 2030, and by 2031, 40 million more people will be staying in hotels in Sharjah. Also, the UAE’s food services and restaurant industry made 8 billion dirhams ($8.9 billion) in 2021 and is expected to grow at a rate of more than 9% per year from 2021 to 2026.

This job posting is for kitchen steward jobs in Sharjah, UAE, in 2024, with a visa sponsorship. If you do a simple job like delivering in-room meal services quickly and according to the brand’s service standards, you will get a lot of cool perks and benefits, such as free visa sponsorship, on-the-spot trip booking, free food, and free lodging. Find out more about kitchen steward jobs in Sharjah with Visa Sponsorship 2024 by reading:

Details of Kitchen Steward Jobs in the UAE with Visa Sponsorship

  • Job title: Steward
  • Region: Sharjah, UAE.
  • Knowledge required: Minimum High School Diploma
  • No.of hirings: 25
  • Experience required: 2 years
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Salary Package: 1000-1500 AED+ Overtime
  • Duty timing: 8 or 12 hours (depending upon the candidate’s choice)
  • Contract duration: 2 years
  • Free ticket: No
  • Age limit: 21-39 years
  • Free food: Yes
  • Free Accommodation: Yes
  • Medical coverage by company: Yes
  • Health Insurance: Yes.
  • Free transportation: Yes
  • Mode of hiring: Test interview
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Selection Guarantee: 100 percent

Requirements of Kitchen Steward Jobs in Sharjah Visa Sponsorship

The job requirements in the paper ad are neither too long nor too short. Here are some of the main needs for eligibility:

  • At least two years of practice.
  • You need to be able to read, write, and speak English well.
  • Visa paperwork that the agent asks for.
  • There is no mention of any special qualification requirement. But if you take a professional cooking, catering, or kitchen assistant course (there are a lot of free online classes these days), it can help you get a job.

Benefits of Kitchen Steward Jobs

  • A Brief Overview of the Culinary Industry: Positions as kitchen stewards grant individuals an initial foray into the culinary sector. Individuals contemplating a profession as a chef or in the food service industry can benefit from the opportunity to acquire practical experience in a professional kitchen setting.
  • Learning Opportunities: The position of kitchen steward provides abundant prospects for acquiring knowledge and refining one’s abilities. Typically, stewards assist with a variety of kitchen duties, including dishwashing, cleaning, and rudimentary food preparation, gaining experience in various facets of kitchen operations.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Fostering a sense of teamwork and collaboration, kitchen stewards operate in close proximity to chefs, cooks, and other culinary personnel. This collaborative environment facilitates the development of effective communication skills and relationships with colleagues.
  • Workplace Skills: Positions as kitchen stewards facilitate the development of organizational, time management, and attention to detail skills that are all vital in the workplace. These competencies possess a broad applicability that extends beyond the realm of the culinary sector.
  • Physical Activity: The duties of kitchen stewards frequently necessitate vigorous movement to keep up with culinary operations, which includes lifting heavy objects, standing for extended periods, and performing other physically taxing tasks. Such an intensity of physical activity has the potential to enhance overall fitness and well-being.
  • Career Progression: Although kitchen steward positions are generally entry-level, they can function as a precursor to more senior-level positions in the culinary sector. Those who exhibit commitment, dependability, and a robust professional code might be granted opportunities for advancement to more senior positions, such as sous chef or line cook.
  • Industry Connections: Stewards gain exposure to a network of industry professionals, including chefs, restaurant managers, and food service workers, through their employment in a professional kitchen. Establishing relationships within the culinary community can facilitate professional growth and prospective employment prospects.
  • Job Stability: The hospitality sector, which includes establishments that provide culinary service, frequently offers stable employment opportunities. For as long as dining out and culinary services are in demand, kitchen stewards will be required to support kitchen operations.
  • Flexible Hours: Numerous food service establishments and restaurants provide flexible work hours, such as evening and part-time employment. This degree of adaptability may suit the needs of individuals who have additional obligations, including students or those who are responsible for caregiving.
  • Perquisites and Advantages of the Industry: Certain employers operating within the culinary sector provide their staff with perks and benefits. These may include meal discounts, invitations to culinary events, and access to training programs or seminars that advance their professional development.

Job Responsibilities of a Kitchen Steward

  • You are in charge of making and following through on a cleaning plan for the kitchen. Watch out that everyone else in the kitchen does something about it.
  • Clean the cooking area and kitchen tools such as pots, pans, ovens, grills, fridges, freezers, dishes, drinks, utensils, and silverware.
  • Using and taking care of tools and equipment for cleaning
  • Taking care of worries about food safety according to the rules set by Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and Standards
  • Has to follow the rules set by the Food and Safety Hygiene Standards (HACCP).
  • Must follow all the rules and instructions that come with chemicals and cleaning supplies.
  • Helping the cook get the ingredients ready by doing things like chopping fruits and veggies, marinating, mixing powders or fluids, chopping meat, extracting juice, and so on.
  • Doing chores like washing dishes and cleaning.
  • Cleaning the kitchen and dishes at the same time Getting ready and cleaning up all the cooking mess
  • Cleaning the coolers and fridges
  • Getting rid of trash and cleaning trash cans
  • Make sure that supplies are always available and full by keeping an eye on stock, inventory, and storage rooms.
  • Cleaning the food storage rooms and the kitchen.
  • Watch out for food waste from customers’ leftovers that could be returned because they haven’t been touched and are still clean.
  • Unloading food supplies that have been brought and putting them away in a neat way
  • Getting all the food supplies from the storage room or area and putting them in the kitchen as soon as the cook tells you to
  • The walls, floors, and other parts of the kitchen should be cleaned often.
  • Tell the Chief Steward about any crashes or broken things.
  • Heating, Cooling, Freezing, and Foil Including foods like hot drinks, soups, sauces, and sweets based on what the dish calls for. If the cook has a lot to do, you need to get them ready to help.

Average Salary of a Kitchen Steward in Sharjah with Visa Sponsorship

That depends on the candidate as a whole, such as where he works, how much experience he has, where he has worked before, etc. But all the well-known job search and salary sites, like Salary Expert, Grab Jobs, Indeed, Glassdoor, and others, say that the average income for a kitchen helper with 0 to 3 years of experience is 1,000 rupees per month.

The average pay for a kitchen assistant is up to $2,225 per month, but this can change depending on where they work, their employer, and how long they’ve been working as an entry-level worker.


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How to find more Kitchen Steward Jobs in Sharjah with Visa Sponsorship 2024?

Websites that help people find jobs and internet newspapers are the best places to start. For those who have enabled job alert notifications on any of these job search websites, you will regularly receive an email with a list of all the open positions in the role and area you desire. In addition, you can choose the job roles that are connected and stay up-to-date on their upcoming openings. Some well-known job sites in the UAE are Indeed, LinkedIn, and These tips will help you find more kitchen steward jobs in Sharjah. Because the UAE has a huge hotel and food service industry, there are a lot of cooking jobs that will pay for your visa, such as cooking steward, kitchen helper, cook, commissary, cook assistant, and more.

  • Look up “jobs in Sharjah/UAE,” “famous job search portals in Sharjah/UAE,” or “job-searching websites in Sharjah/UAE” on Google. You will see a list of all the well-known, trustworthy, and quick job search websites.
  • Make an account.
  • Choose the jobs you want. Depending on the job site, you can choose up to three jobs at a time.
  • For more use, turn on the email alerts.
  • Use the search bar to type in the job search terms.
  • At first, try narrow ones like “Kitchen Steward Jobs.” In the location bar right below the search bar, choose Sharjah, UAE, as the area you want to search in.
  • Try searching with more general terms like “Kitchen Helper Jobs in Sharjah/UAE”, “Kitchen Jobs in Sharjah/UAE”, “Restaurant Jobs in Sharjah/UAE”, “Hotel Jobs in Sharjah/UAE”, etc. if you only get a few hits that aren’t very relevant.
  • Click on the job role you want.
  • Send the CV and all the other papers that are asked for.
  • Keep checking your email while you wait for the answer.

More Info

  1. What is the qualification of a kitchen steward?

    The primary qualifications for getting a job as a kitchen steward are a high school diploma and the physical stamina to work on your feet for extended periods. This job does not require any specialized training or education, though some familiarity with culinary sanitation requirements is helpful.

  2. Is being a kitchen steward a hard job? 

    Kitchen stewards must be hard-working, trustworthy, and detail-oriented. They are able to tackle repetitive and labor-intensive tasks with a positive attitude, maintain a consistent level of professionalism, and be willing to learn.

  3. How much do kitchen stewards make in the UAE? 

    The average salary range for a kitchen steward is between AED 63,229 and AED 89,701. On average, a high school degree is the highest level of education for a kitchen steward.


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