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LMIA Approved Companies in Canada for Foreigners 2024

Looking for Work in Canada? I discovered some hidden gems for foreign employees to apply to LMIA-approved companies in Canada for jobs. If a company has a positive labor market impact assessment, Canadian employers will help them bring in overseas applications. Remember to apply for jobs in fields that are in high demand in Canada. You will eventually acquire a job, and your visa will be approved.

Do you know that, Canada received over 431,645 new permanent residents and that the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship stated that newcomers will be welcomed again in 2024? According to the –2025 Immigration Plan, Canada intends to admit 465,000 new permanent residents in, 485,000 in 2024, and 500,000 in 2025.


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List of LMIA-Approved Companies in Canada 2024

Foreign workers from outside Canada are welcome to apply for positions in one of these Canadian companies. They are LMIA-positive and can hire candidates from outside of Canada.

Air Canada

Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada, the country’s flag carrier, and a founding member of Star Alliance, with direct flights to six continents. It is the only international network carrier in North America with a Skytrax Four-Star rating.

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health is in charge of developing policies, regulations, and standards for the Alberta health system. allocating health funding. Managing provincial programs such as the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

Apple Inc

On May 21, 2005, the Yorkdale Shopping Center in Toronto welcomed the first Apple retail store in Canada. With 22 stores active at the time, the business was named Canada’s top retailer in 2011. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, all 29 outlets in Canada were closed by early 2020.


Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada was founded in 1994 and is based in Mississauga, Ontario. Walmart is proud to be one of Canada’s largest employers, with Walmart Supercenters, Walmart Budget Stores, and distribution sites around the country.

Microsoft Canada

It is a market leader in software and hardware for business and education, as well as servers, entertainment goods, tablets, and smartphones. Microsoft Canada has nine regional offices around the country committed to providing clients with sales, marketing, support, and consulting services.

National Bank of Canada

National Bank is one of Canada’s top six banks. We are also Quebec’s premier financial institution and a major partner for small and medium-sized businesses. We have offices in the majority of Canadian provinces and serve clients in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Rogers Communications Inc.

Rogers Communications Inc. is a Canadian communications and media corporation that primarily operates in wireless communications, cable television, telephony, and the Internet but also has significant telecom and mass media assets. Rogers’ headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario.

Royal Bank of Canada

We are one of the most diverse financial services firms in North America, offering consumer and commercial banking, wealth management, insurance, investment services, and capital markets products and services on a worldwide scale.


Scotiabank was formed in 1832 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and was based there until 1900 when it relocated to Toronto. Scotiabank bills itself as “Canada’s most international bank” due to acquisitions in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as Europe and parts of Asia.

Bank of Montreal

As the eighth largest bank in North America by assets, we serve over 12 million customers through personal and commercial banking, global markets, and investment banking. We are honored to power development for individuals, families, and businesses across North America.

Google Canada

Google Canada Corporation provides search engine services. The company’s primary products and services include web-based search and display advertising and tools, desktop and mobile operating systems, consumer content, and enterprise solutions. Google serves customers all across the world.

Bell Canada

BCE Inc. is Canada’s largest communications corporation, offering a comprehensive and innovative spectrum of broadband communications and content services to Canadian consumers, businesses, and governments.

IBM Canada Limited

IBM Canada Ltd. designs and sells computers, computer systems, and software. Personal computers, storage, servers, networking, semiconductors, printing systems, consultancy, and outsourcing are among the products and services provided by the company.

Deloitte Canada

Deloitte serves public and private clients in a variety of industries with audit and assurance, consulting, financial advising, risk advisory, tax, and other services.

2024 Approved Jobs in LMIA Canada

Farmworkers, fruit pickers, caregivers, and cooks are among the most common jobs. The Government of Canada operates the “Job Bank” website. Thousands of jobs are advertised on this website. If you are not from Canada, you must select LMIA-approved jobs.

LMIA jobs for foreigners outside of Canada

So, if you are an applicant from outside of Canada seeking employment, The government of Canada operates a program known as the “Temporary Foreign Workers Program.”

What is LMIA

  • The LMIA is a document issued by the Government of Canada to a Canadian employer or company that is authorized to hire a foreign worker.
  • A positive LMIA will demonstrate the requirement for a foreign worker to fill the position.
  • If the LMIA is positive, the employer or company has met the conditions of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and can hire the foreign worker.
  • Make sure you apply for a job with an LMIA-positive company. We will provide you with a list of approved companies.

How to Find Approved Jobs for LMIA Companies?

This list contains the names of Canadian companies and employers who requested LMIA and were approved for LMIA. Visit Site

Required for Canada on a Job

  • First, you must apply for and obtain a job.
  • Second, apply for a job that is only open to international workers.
  • If you are hired, the company will inform you of the type of visa you will need to enter Canada.
  • Concentrate on getting a job.

Benefits of LMIA Approved Companies in Canada for Foreigners

  • Work Authorization: An LMIA approval enables non-citizens to lawfully work in Canada by obtaining a work permit. This feature offers notable benefits by facilitating the visa application procedure and guaranteeing adherence to Canadian immigration regulations.
  • Gain of Entry into the Canadian Job Market: Employment with an LMIA-approved organization grants non-citizens entry into the Canadian labor market, thereby facilitating the pursuit of diverse professional development prospects and opportunities.
  • Stability: Organizations that have obtained approval for LMIAs have proven to have an authentic requirement for foreign labor to occupy designated positions. This implies employment stability and longevity, which instills foreign workers with a sense of security.
  • Potential for Permanent Residency: Prospects for Permanent Residency Eligibility for permanent residency in Canada may be contingent upon employment with an organization approved by the LMIA. Employment with such organizations provides candidates with Canadian work experience, which is a requirement for many immigration programs.
  • Integration Support: Companies with prior experience in employing foreign laborers frequently offer assistance and resources to facilitate the assimilation of newcomers into Canadian society. This may encompass support in housing search, healthcare system navigation, and acclimating to the Canadian work environment.
  • Opportunities for Professional Networking: Foreign nationals who work for an LMIA-approved organization are able to establish professional networks in Canada, which can prove beneficial for their personal growth and future career prospects.
  • Competitive Compensation: In order to attract and retain skilled international workers, businesses that undergo the LMIA process typically offer competitive compensation packages. This may include health insurance, retirement programs, and additional perks.
  • Skill Development: Foreign nationals who obtain employment with an LMIA-approved organization have the chance to augment their skill set and amass significant work experience within the Canadian workplace. This may be advantageous for international and Canadian career advancement.

Top Skills in Demand in Canada

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Engineers
  • This
  • Programmers
  • Farmer
  • Technical experts
  • Teachers
  • Business professionals
  • Sales representatives
  • Customer service representatives.
  • Restaurant workers
  • Construction workers

How to Find LMIA Approved Companies

To find LMIA-approved companies, you need to do study and focus your job search. Here are some good ways to find out about these job openings:

  • Online Job Boards: Use popular job search sites in Canada like Indeed, LinkedIn, and the Canadian Job Bank, which often lists jobs with LMIA-approved companies.
  • Networking: You can meet other workers in your field at networking events, online groups, and social media sites. Building relationships can give you useful information and even lead to a job..
  • Company Websites: Go to the websites of companies or fields that interest you and look at their job pages. Some companies say right out that they are LMIA-approved and are willing to hire foreign workers.
  1. What is LMIA

    The LMIA is a document issued by the Government of Canada to a Canadian employer or company that is authorized to hire a foreign worker.
    A positive LMIA will demonstrate the requirement for a foreign worker to fill the position.
    If the LMIA is positive, the employer or company has met the conditions of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and can hire the foreign worker.
    Make sure you apply for a job with an LMIA-positive company. We will provide you with a list of approved companies.

  2. Which company is eligible for LMIA in Canada?

    Any employer in Canada that wants to hire a foreign worker can generally apply for an LMIA, as long as they cannot find a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to fill the position.

  3. How do I find my LMIA-approved company in Canada?

    So whether you are a temporary foreign worker looking for another employer or someone looking to get a job offer, you can refer to ESDC’s list to find potential employers. Additionally, this ESDC’s LMIA-positive employer list is divided into two quarters. To view the list, click here.


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