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New Zealand Fruit Picking Jobs With Visa Sponsorship 2024

Individuals from Asia, Africa, and South America can apply for unskilled work in New Zealand’s agricultural industry. People in New Zealand want to work picking fruit in the winter when companies are getting ready to harvest their crops. Some bosses may pay for trips to work in their yards. It’s important for people from other countries who are looking for work in New Zealand to know how to get a high-paying job picking fruit.

The job description and application requirements for fruit-picking jobs in New Zealand are given so that employees in the fruit-picking business know what is expected of them.


Details of New Zealand Fruit Picking Jobs With Visa Sponsorship 

Available Jobs in New Zealand Of Fruit Picking

In New Zealand, you can find work picking fruit on fields, in orchards, and in vineyards. For the newest job openings, check with area farming businesses or job search websites. There is a program in New Zealand called “Recognized Seasonal Employer” that brings temporary workers from other countries to work in the horticulture and viticulture businesses during certain times of the year.

  • Apples fruit picking job
  • Blueberries fruit picking job
  • Cherries fruit picking job
  • Grapes fruit picking job
  • Kiwifruit fruit picking job
  • Lemon fruit picking job
  • Mandarin fruit picking job
  • Oranges fruit picking job
  • Persimmon fruit picking job
  • Strawberries fruit picking job

Benefits of New Zealand Fruit Picking Jobs With Visa Sponsorship 

  • Cultural Immersion: Fruit-picking jobs in New Zealand are a great way to learn about the culture. Workers get to meet locals, learn about their way of life, and maybe even take part in cultural events. This kind of exposure can help people learn more about the country’s many practices and customs.
  • Memorable Experiences: Picking fruit is a great way to make memories that will last a lifetime. Beautiful views and picking fruits by hand make for a journey that you will remember and may only happen once in your life. You will remember these times for a long time.
  • Outdoor Adventure: People who pick fruit often work in beautiful country areas. These things give people the chance to enjoy outdoor activities. For people who like being outside, the work itself can be satisfying and refreshing, especially when set against New Zealand’s beautiful scenery.
  • Personal Growth: Working in a different place, especially one that requires hard work and new obstacles, can help you grow as a person. People can become more resilient, flexible, and able to rely on themselves. Getting past the challenges of picking fruit can boost your confidence and give you a bigger view of life.
  • Skill Enhancement: Picking fruit can help people learn and improve a lot of different skills. This could include hard skills like being able to work as a team, communicate clearly, and manage your time well, as well as soft skills like being able to pick and handle veggies safely. The variety of the work can help you develop a wide range of skills.
  • Work-Life Balance: For putting a lot of value on work-life balance, New Zealand is known. Some people may be able to enjoy a slower pace of life while still adding to the workforce by picking fruit. Being able to work in a beautiful setting might help you live a more healthy and satisfying life.


  • Able to work on-site for long hours.
  • Hand-eye coordination is very good.
  • Good at talking to people.
  • Knowing how to grow in the best way possible.
  • Must be in good physical shape.

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Fruit Picking Employee Salary in New Zealand

According to statistics from a survey of employers and anonymous workers, the average gross salary for a fruit picker in New Zealand is $47,215, which is about $23 an hour. On top of that, they get a bonus of $439 every month.

How To Apply Fruit Picker In New Zealand

The best way to find New Zealand Fruit Picking work is with Visa Sponsorship 2024 Salary Hourly $23 Apply online by going to an online job board and looking for work. Here are a few of the most well-known sites.

List of Website to Find Jobs in New Zealand

  • glassdoor.com
  • resortjobs.com
  • europa.jobs
  • nz.indeed.com

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Fruit picker work is available in New Zealand, and it’s a satisfying job for both newcomers and seasoned pros. This piece is useful for both newcomers and professionals because it talks about the basic requirements of fruit picker jobs and the job market in the future.

  1. Does New Zealand offer visa sponsorship?

    After you send in your application, we’ll send your sponsor an email asking them to log in to Immigration Online and fill out an online support form.

  2. How much do fruit-picking jobs pay in New Zealand?

     Fruit picker in New Zealand is $47,215, or an hourly rate of $23.

  3. How can I get a sponsor to work in New Zealand?

    Visa applications can be sponsored by New Zealand citizens and residents and organizations like registered companies, incorporated societies, charitable trusts, and government agencies.


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