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Registered Nurse Jobs in Calgary – Apply Now

At FMC, our teams prioritize the development and progress of both ourselves and our colleagues, which makes this RN position an exceptional opportunity to hone their abilities in a nurturing setting. A formidable multidisciplinary team is at our disposal, each of which contributes its unique specialty and expertise to expedite the stabilization process for individuals afflicted with mental health disorders.

In your role as a Registered Nurse/Registered Psychiatric Nurse in the Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES), you will be responsible for conducting comprehensive evaluations of patients presenting to the Emergency Department with psychiatric or psychosocial crises, adhering to the principles of the recovery model.


You will collaborate with emergency physicians and psychiatrists to determine the patient’s course of treatment, evaluate the patient’s condition, and determine the degree of illness and risk to oneself or others as part of an interdisciplinary team in the emergency department. Under the needs of the clients, you will coordinate referrals to community services or admission to inpatient facilities as a PES Nurse in collaboration with the services. Using the Addiction and Mental Health continuum, you will evaluate and develop, in collaboration with the patient, an effective plan to identify and coordinate care for clients requiring appropriate services.

You will administer concise interventions to clients and, by the RN/RPN scope of practice as mandated by law, identify, initiate, and modify interventions as the patients’ needs evolve. You will serve as a resource for Emergency Department personnel regarding the assessment and management of patients with mental health conditions in your capacity as a PES Nurse. You will implement an improved care paradigm for patients receiving mental health services in the emergency department. Adults, families, and adolescents comprise the population. We encourage RPNs to register.

Details About Registered Nurse Jobs in Calgary:

  • Organization: Alberta Health Services
  • Job Type: Part-time
  • Salary: $39.21 to $51.46
  • Location: 3315 Hospital Dr NW, Calgary, AB


You will administer a diverse range of nursing interventions to individuals, families, communities, and populations in your capacity as a Registered Nurse (RN), all the while ensuring their health and safety. By employing nursing processes such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making, you will be responsible for instructing, advising, and advocating for patients and their families in your capacity. By advocating for an integrated and holistic approach to patient care, health promotion, and maintenance, you will assume a leadership position. You will deliver high-quality, secure patient and family-centered care by AHS’s shared vision and values.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Earnings for Provisional Permit Holders range from $35.87 to $43.82 per hour. The rate of pay shall be modified to the rate of pay applicable to a Registered Nurse by AHS/UNA Article 25.02(b)(i) or (ii), as applicable, upon entry into the register of Registered Nurses. The deadline for applications is 23:59 MT on the designated posting end date.

However, under LOU #25, this vacancy may be filled earlier if a Regular Employee holding a position within the unit, program, or office indicates interest in this posting by 23:59 MT on the fifth calendar day after the posting date. If no Regular Employee from this workplace submits an expression of interest by the specified deadline, the vacancy shall be filled under the guidelines outlined in Article 14: Promotions, Transfers, and Vacancies. We would like to inform you that this posting may be utilized to occupy multiple identical positions that have become available due to the implementation of the Trial of Modified Posting Provisions.

  • Classification: Registered Nurse
  • Union: United Nurses of Alberta
  • Unit and Program: Psychiatric Emergency Services
  • Primary Location: Foothills Medical Centre
  • Multi-Site: At (UNA only)
  • FTE: 0.79
  • Employee Class: Regular Part Time
  • Hours per Shift: 7.75
  • Length of Shift in weeks: 4
  • Shifts per cycle: 15
  • Shift Pattern: Days, Evenings, Weekends
  • Days Off: As Per Rotation
  • Minimum Salary: $39.21
  • Maximum Salary: $51.46
  • Vehicle Requirement: Not Applicable

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Required Qualifications:

Accreditation as a graduate of a nursing education program. Proactive or qualified to apply for a practice permit and registration with the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta. Present health care provider certification in basic cardiac life support (BCLS-HCP). Failure to have registered as a nurse within the previous five (5) years will necessitate the successful completion of the subsequent complimentary courses: The NextGenU Health Assessment Resources Certification and CRNA Medication Management, Chapters 1–4 (, can be accessed at

Additional Required Qualifications:

One year of full-time experience in addictions and mental health within the previous three years. Prospective candidates may be accepted upon successful completion of their final preceptorship at an Addiction and Mental Health site.

Preferred Qualifications:

NVCI (Non-Violent Crisis Intervention) certification is preferred. Preferred is experience in the field of juvenile and adolescent mental health. Preferred is familiarity with the mental health and addiction resources available throughout the Calgary Zone. Preferred is experience with verbal de-escalation techniques. Understanding of the Mental Health Act is an asset. A plus is experienced assessing a variety of risks, including suicidal, homicidal, and violent risks.

Benefits of Registered Nurse Jobs in Calgary:

  • Competitive Compensation: RNs in Calgary are generally remunerated competitively. Extraordinary wages, incentives, and medical insurance may also be incorporated into the compensation package.
  • Stability of Employment: Skilled professionals are in high demand in the nursing profession. Registered nurses frequently enjoy employment stability, and Calgary’s healthcare needs remain constant.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: Calgary’s healthcare system is robust, comprising a wide range of facilities and specialties. RNs might be eligible to pursue specialized nursing roles, management positions, or even positions in education and research, among other avenues for professional development.
  • Comprehensive Benefits Packages: Numerous healthcare employers in Calgary offer all-encompassing benefits packages, which comprise dental coverage, health insurance, retirement plans, and additional amenities that promote the employees’ general welfare.
  • Educational Opportunities: Calgary is host to esteemed academic establishments and healthcare institutions, which provide ample educational opportunities. Continuing education programs, seminars, and training opportunities may be available to RNs to improve their competencies and remain current on the most recent healthcare methodologies.
  • Life Quality: Calgary is renowned for its proximity to natural landscapes and urban amenities, which contribute to its high quality of life. Consistently ranked highly in livability, the municipality offers a favorable milieu for both individuals and families.
  • Work-Life Balance: The significance of work-life balance is frequently acknowledged by healthcare organizations in Calgary. Flexible scheduling can be advantageous for registered nurses (RNs) as it facilitates the maintenance of a harmonious equilibrium between their professional and personal spheres.
  • Diverse Work Environments: Registered nurses are permitted to practice in clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and community health organizations, among other healthcare settings. This variety enables registered nurses to investigate various facets of the profession and locate a workplace that corresponds to their tastes.
  • Inclusive Work Culture: Calgary is renowned for its commitment to diversity, and it is customary for healthcare organizations to foster inclusive work environments. RNs are capable of working in environments that value diverse origins and perspectives.
  • Prospects for Specialization: The healthcare system in Calgary affords registered nurses (RNs) the chance to specialize in a variety of fields, including pediatric nursing, mental health, critical care, and others. Job satisfaction and expertise can both increase as a result of specialization.
  • Advantages of Networking: Employment in Calgary presents prospects for establishing connections with fellow healthcare practitioners, attending conferences, and maintaining affiliations with the wider nursing community.
  • Community Impact: RNs make substantial contributions to the overall health and welfare of the community. In Calgary, positively affecting the lives of patients and their families can rank among the most gratifying facets of the nursing profession.

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  1. Are nurses in demand in Calgary?

    Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses (NOC 31301) in the Calgary area will see favorable employment conditions. Several factors play a role in forming this outlook: The rise of the labor force will result in an average amount of additional job openings.

  2. Is RN a good career in Canada?

    Job security is an important perk that sets nursing positions in Canada apart from other professions. The healthcare industry is experiencing significant growth, leading to a nationwide competition for proficient nurses. You can have trust in your ability to secure employment and maintain good job prospects for the course of your nursing career.

  3. How many hours do RNs work in Canada?

    The workplace where registered nurses serve sets their work schedule. A hospital shift usually lasts between eight and twelve hours. This requires you to work late-night and early-morning shifts, and the schedule is subject to change.


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