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Senior Financial Accountant at Jumia 2024 – Apply Now

Are you looking for a job abroad? If you want to work as a senior financial accountant at Jumia in 2024, you should apply. There are a number of jobs open for top financial accountants in Egypt right now. This job offer is for full-time, steady work. Jumia, which is based in Egypt, is one of the best e-commerce sites in all of Africa. More than 5,000 people work for it in more than 10 different countries.

Detail of Senior Financial Accountant at Jumia

Job LocationEgypt
Job TypeFull-Time Permanent Job
Eligible ForInternational Applicants


  1. Professional Growth: As a Senior Financial Accountant at Jumia, you might have the chance to advance your career. You could be given the chance to take on difficult tasks, learn new skills, and move up in the company.
  2. Diverse Work Environment: As an online store and tech company, Jumia probably has a lively and varied workplace. This can give you experience with different parts of the business and make the workplace interesting.
  3. Competitive Compensation: Pay packages for senior jobs are usually very competitive. A base salary, bonuses, and other perks like health insurance, retirement plans, and more may be part of this.
  4. Leadership Role: As a Senior Financial Accountant, you might be in charge of report writing, research, and making decisions about money matters. This responsibility could be professionally rewarding and help you advance in your work as a whole.
  5. Contribution to Company Strategy: A big part of senior financial roles is making decisions about the company’s overall financial plan. You might help plan, make a budget, and give advice on important financial choices that affect the organization’s success.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Working at a company like Jumia can be a great way to meet new people. People who work in e-commerce and technology may be able to connect with you, which could lead to future collaborations or job advancements.
  7. Innovative Environment: E-commerce is known for being on the cutting edge of new ideas. Working in this kind of setting can help you learn about new tools, trends, and business models, which can make you more flexible and useful in the market.
  8. Job Security: It may feel safe to keep your job at a company like Jumia that is growing and doing well, especially if you are in a top position and your knowledge is important for the company’s growth and success.
  9. Learning Opportunities: Jumia’s business may offer many chances to learn about money management, how e-commerce works, and how technology is improving. You can keep your skills sharp and useful by learning new things all the time.

What Are The Job Responsibilities

  • You need to gather and study the data from our system so that you can make and post accounting entries.
  • You will have to prove that financial activities happened.
  • You will be in charge of making sure that our business records are correct.
  • You will be in charge of our operating system to make sure that accounting is summed up and balanced.
  • It is your job to summarize and match up the financial data in our operational system.
  • Talk to managers and other cross-functional teams to explain changes in the finances and keep the finances honest.
  • It is your job to make sure that the financial information is correct when you connect transactions on bank statements with records in ERP.

What is the Duration of The Program

It is an event that lasts all day. The fact that you work full-time at Jumia will determine your selection.


How Much Qualification is Required

For the Senior Financial Accountant job at Jumia, international candidates must have a B.Sc. or HND.

How Much Slots Are Available For a Job at Jumia?

Senior Financial Accountants can choose from a number of open positions. On the main website page, you can find out everything.

Eligibility Criteria

You need a degree in management, finance, accounting, or something similar. You must be able to speak and write English well. To keep your finances in order, you need to pay attention to the little things. Pay close attention to the details. You need to know how to use the following tools well:

  • MS Office,
  • Excel (Especially),
  • Familiarity with relevant data analysis tools.

If you have some knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it is a plus.

How to Apply 

More Info



In 2024, you can work as a senior financial accountant for Jumia in Egypt. Don’t miss this chance. This job is full-time and permanent, and the workplace is always changing. It gives you the chance to help one of Africa’s best e-commerce sites with its finances. To get your job at Jumia off the ground, read over the duties, requirements, and application process.

People Also Ask

  1. What is the job location for the Senior Financial Accountant position at Jumia?

    The job is located in Egypt, and it is a full-time permanent position open to international applicants.

  2. What are the responsibilities of the Senior Financial Accountant at Jumia?

    Some of their duties are to collect and study data, post accounting entries, make sure that business records are correct, balance the operating system, summarize financial data, let people know about changes in finances, and match up deals with records in ERP.


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