Top Best University in Poland For Phd Students

Poland is a lovely country with a diverse culture, a rich history, and a high standard of education. It boasts one of the world’s finest educational standards. Studying in Poland is a great experience, and no student who has ever studied there has ever been short of chances. According to a World Bank analysis, Poland has one of the best education systems in Europe, making it one of the most educated countries in the world.

Poland, with its diversified landscape, stately architecture, and rich political and scientific past, is at the heart of European content. The welcoming Poles, charming towns, and wonderful food entice visitors from all over the world to visit the country. Aside from having an interesting culture, Poland is also a popular location for international students.


Many factors contribute to Poland’s high educational quality. Its rich past is inextricably linked to the growth of Europe, making its universities pioneers and specialists in a variety of fields. We will look at the best universities in Poland for international students in this article.

Why Choose Poland for Your Ph.D.?

Poland has become a popular place for foreign students to get their Ph.D. Here are some strong reasons you should think about getting your Ph.D. in Poland:

  • Diverse Academic Landscape: There are a lot of different types of universities in Poland, so you should be able to find one that fits your research goals.
  • Affordable Education: The cost of education in Poland is incredibly low compared to many Western countries. This means that you can get your Ph.D. without going bankrupt.
  • Cultural Richness: While working on your Ph.D., learn about Poland’s rich culture history. Visit old towns, try traditional food, and make memories that will last a lifetime.
  • English-Taught Programs: Most universities in Poland offer Ph.D. programs in English, so foreign students don’t have to worry about language barriers.
  • EU Membership: As a member of the European Union, Poland offers a stable and secure environment for international students.

List of Top Best University in Poland For Phd Students

University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw is now ranked first in Poland by both Times Higher Education and QS Rankings. In the QS global rating, it is ranked 366th best in the world, whereas in THE ranking, it is ranked between 501 and 600. It is also ranked sixth in the QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia (EECA) rating.

It was established in 1816 and is the largest university in Poland. Its campus is located in the city center of Warsaw. This university offers a wide range of study programs in Polish. If you are an international student who does not speak Polish, they offer over 30 English-taught programs.

It now educates approximately 47,940 students on its campus, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 13.7. Despite its cultural diversity, this university has approximately 7% international students among its entire student population. This university enrolls a large number of female students, resulting in a female-male ratio of 67:33, with females accounting for 67% of total students.


Jagiellonian University

The Jagiellonian University, often known as the University of Kraków, was founded in 1364 and is Poland’s oldest university. For almost six centuries, it has been a center for education and research in the country, and students will be learning in the same building as Nicolaus Copernicus. The university is made up of fifteen faculties, including medical, social science, natural science, humanities, and law. Its library, which houses various medieval manuscripts, is known as one of the largest in Poland.

Jagiellonian University, one of the greatest universities in Poland for overseas students, has the most intense academic collaboration with Heidelberg University, a medieval institution in Germany. It also works with a number of institutions throughout the world, including the University of Tokyo, the University of Chicago, the University of Cambridge, and the London School of Economics. Furthermore, the university is a member of major research organizations such as the Coimbra Group and the Europaeum.

Warsaw University of Technology

Warsaw University of Technology is also one of Central Europe’s largest and most prestigious universities. QS ranks it among the top 601–650 universities in the world. Warsaw University of Technology is also placed 18th in the EECA. It is most well-known in engineering and technology, where it ranks between 192 and

 It now has approximately 34,708 students enrolled on its campus, with a student-faculty ratio of 14.6. Over 3% of the entire student population are overseas students. This university has a female-male ratio of 34:66, with males constituting the majority (66% of all students).

Top Best University in Poland For Phd Students
Top-Best University in Poland For PhD Students

AGH University of Science and Technology

In 1912, the AGH University of Science and Technology was founded as a mining school with only 80 students. It has since developed into Poland’s most prestigious technical university, with 15 faculties and almost 34,000 students. The university’s degree offerings expanded beyond mining and metallurgy to include adjacent fields such as geology, materials science, and non-ferrous materials. Humanities, computer science, biomedicine, and mechanical engineering are also offered.

The university made major improvements to the quality of its education. Students, for example, engage in transdisciplinary studies through specially created curricula. Students interested in internationalization might pursue a double diploma with AGH and a university overseas.

Medical University of Warsaw

The Medical University of Warsaw is Poland’s largest medical school, offering the best practical medical training. Medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, medical sciences, and health sciences are among its five faculties. It oversees six clinical hospitals, and a medical simulation center, and is linked with several hospitals across the country. Furthermore, MD and DMD degrees are recognized in the United States, Europe, and the majority of countries throughout the world.

This leading institution in Poland for international students includes academic collaborations with other international medical schools. It accepts international students from more than 50 countries as ordinary degree candidates or Erasmus+ partners. International students can engage in the university’s top clinical and theoretical medical research thanks to its advanced teaching and research facilities.

Medical University of Białystok

The Medical University of Biaystok is a medical school that was founded in 1950. It is based in the city’s Branicki Palace, a prominent 18th-century edifice.

English-language programs are available at the Medical University of Biaystok’s Divisions of Dentistry and Medical Education. One of these is a 6-year MD program, which the university began providing in 2004. The institution contains 69 organizational units that provide instruction, research, diagnostic, and treatment services, including 26 departments, 40 clinics, 2 study centers, and 2 autonomous laboratories.

University of Wroclaw

The University of Wroclaw was founded in 1702 and is located in the Polish city of Wroclaw. It is one of Poland’s most prestigious universities. Its primary goal is scientific research. Wroclaw now has about 26,000 students studying at eleven faculties.

QS ranks it among the world’s 601 top universities. It is also placed 44th in the EECA QS rankings. It is most popular in the topic of archeology, where it ranks between 151 and 200. Its faculty is well-regarded throughout the world. Wroclaw has also produced nine Nobel laureates.

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań

Because of its extensive academic history dating back to 1611, Adam Mickiewicz University is regarded as one of Poland’s finest universities. The university is a key intellectual center in Pozna, and its development is still connected with the cities. In 1955, it took on the name of its benefactor, Adam Bernard Mickiewicz. He was a poet, essayist, and activist from Poland who made significant contributions to Polish literature, culture, and politics.

The institution is currently divided into five research schools, each with 20 faculties, and one doctoral school. Adam Mickiewicz University is ranked among the top universities in the world for English studies, linguistics, arts and humanities, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. International students can pick from over 80 different subjects.

Cracow University of Technology

Another technological university in Poland noted for educating and producing brilliant engineers is the Cracow University of Technology. Architecture, computer science, mechanical, electrical, civil, and chemical engineering are among the eight faculties. Students can pursue a dual degree at the Cracow University of Technology and a university overseas.

With such pertinent fields for today’s society, the institution does not shy away from collaborating with industrial partners. This top Polish institution has extensive relationships with firms such as Microsoft, Cisco, Nokia, Motorola, Caterpillar, and others. As a result of the university’s initiative, the government established a special economic zone, the Cracow Technological Park, in 1997.

Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun

The Toru-based Nicolaus Copernicus University (NCU) has developed to become one of Poland’s largest universities since its inception in 1945. It is named after the Polish astronomer and scholar Nicolaus Copernicus, who was born in the northern Polish city of Toru. The university has grown substantially in recent years, with 16 faculties offering courses at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate levels in 80 different fields of study.

NCU places a high focus on international contacts, and the university has established bilateral relationships with organizations all over the world in addition to the Erasmus program. Individual departments also build their own international partnerships. The Faculty of Economics, for example, has collaborated extensively with French universities, while the Department of History has collaborated with a Moscow university.

University of Gdańsk

The University of Gdansk was founded by the amalgamation of two famous higher education institutions in economics and pedagogy. It is one of the best universities in Poland for international students. Since then, the institution has expanded to provide world-class instruction and research in a variety of subjects. Biology, psychology, and economic sciences are among the programs available, as are chemistry, oceanography, and quantum physics. Furthermore, the university is a major center for Kashubian language research.

The university’s advanced and specialized research institutes have established a global reputation. The Institute of Oceanography’s Hel Marine Station and the Biology Department’s Bird Migration Study Station are both widely respected nature study sites. The University of Gdansk is also renowned for its work on the Baltic Sea and endangered marine animals.

What are the admission requirements for Ph.D. programs in Poland?

In Poland, the requirements to get into Ph.D. programs can be different based on the university and the program. However, here are some general requirements:

  • At least a master’s degree in a relevant area.
  • English language skills (for international pupils).
  • A research proposal or a goal statement.
  • Kind words from people you know
  • Transcripts of grades
  • For some schools, you may also need to take tests or go through interviews to get in.


If you choose to study for your Ph.D. in Poland, you will have the chance to experience a rich cultural setting, an affordable education, and a variety of academic landscapes. The University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, and the Warsaw University of Technology are some of the best universities in the world. They offer English-taught programs, world-class research facilities, and a safe atmosphere for international students. Poland has many well-known schools where you can continue your education, whether you want to study engineering, medicine, or the arts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Poland good for international students in 2024?

    International students can benefit greatly from studying in Poland. Aside from good colleges and excellent professional options, Poland offers a far lower cost of living than many European countries, making it ideal for students on a tight budget.

  2. Is PhD in Poland Best?

    Poland is an excellent place for Ph.D. study, as it has a long history of outstanding scientists and artists, as well as some of Europe’s oldest universities.

  3. Which Poland University is best for PHD

    University of Warsaw
    Jagiellonian University
    Medical University of Warsaw
    University of Gdańsk
    Cracow University of Technology
    University of Wroclaw


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