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Visa Sponsorship Factory Jobs in Ireland 2024

Working in Ireland provides international employees with several chances and incredible benefits. First, the opportunity to work in an inclusive workplace with visa sponsorship positions. Do you want to learn more about these advantages? Continue reading to learn about Factory jobs in Ireland with visa sponsorship.

Ireland Visa sponsorship employment allows aspiring foreigners to join the expanding workforce and contribute to its rapid growth. As a result, experienced manufacturing workers are needed in many service-providing sectors in Ireland to fill vacancies and ensure optimal output.


In this essay, we will concentrate on the numerous factory jobs in Ireland that are available with visa sponsorship. We will also cover the advantages of working in Ireland as a foreigner, as well as explore the numerous job search sites for factory employment in Ireland. But first, let’s take a look at the Irish talent shortage situation and how the Irish government is dealing with it.

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Ireland and Labour Shortage Saga:

Ireland is a stunning island country in Western Europe, endowed with breathtaking beauty and a rich cultural past. Ireland is a popular tourist destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. Furthermore, Ireland’s moderate rain and snowfall, combined with warm temperatures, make it an appealing destination for both international employees and tourists.

However, Ireland, like the UK, has temperate temperatures but frequently experiences various variations in weather in less than a few hours. However, if you learn more about Ireland, you will comprehend the exact description of a small yet powerful country as expressed by Business News.

Despite the growing migration of foreigners to Ireland, which now accounts for 12% of the overall population, the labor shortage of skilled employees remains a serious concern.


In addition, according to a survey performed by the Manpower Group employment portal, “Four in five Irish companies are struggling to attract talent as Ireland endures its worst talent shortage for 17 years” As an intervention, the Irish government has made available visa sponsorship jobs to entice talented foreigners to fill these unfilled positions, which include factory work with visa sponsorship.

With the issue of a skilled labor shortage comes the necessity for large employment possibilities for foreigners to fill these vacancies. As a result, here is a list of Factory employment in Ireland with visa sponsorship. What exactly are these positions, and what duties do factory workers play? Let’s get into it in the next section.

What are Factory jobs?

Factory jobs are those that are performed in a factory. It could be a building site or an industrial plant. As a result, these positions demand individuals to have a certain talent that is related to the task at hand.

Furthermore, factory workers may be required to execute multiple job functions in the plant. This may include responsibilities such as sorting and inspecting things after they have been manufactured, as well as assembling and packing products.

Jobs in these categories are included in factory jobs.

  • Pharmaceutical and leather industries, manufacturing industries, beverage and dairy processing industries, and so on.
  • Industry of Construction

These industries account for a sizable proportion of the overall number of industries in Ireland.

Furthermore, the industrial breakdown of companies in Ireland revealed the following facts of interest:

  • Over 30,311 enterprises are involved in the construction industry.
  • The Manufacturing Industry includes 17,170 businesses. There are 351,616 registered companies in total.

As a result, this demonstrates Ireland’s employment potential in filling vacancies in these manufacturing and construction plants.

Job Role of Factory Workers in Ireland:

As previously stated, the employment functions of manufacturing workers vary by industry. Furthermore, depending on the job, manufacturing workers may be needed to execute a range of activities at different times.

However, according to Indeed magazine, some of the general activities or obligations of a factory worker include:

  • Obtaining things as soon as they are manufactured for packing
  • Working on manufacturing machinery
  • To verify total conformity with the specified measure, perform quality control checks on products.
  • Sort completed products and separate damaged ones for the sake of gathering
  • Product assembly and packaging for distribution or storage.
  • Inspect the completed product to ensure proper packaging and storage.
  • Ensure that production takes place in a clean atmosphere.
  • Clean work areas to provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees.
  • Control machinery and automated systems for maximum output and results.

These are just some of the essential responsibilities of industrial workers, and as previously stated, they may alter depending on the industry. So, before you submit your application, make sure you do your homework. With this in mind, let’s go over the fundamental skills required to succeed in this profession.

Basic Skills for Factory Workers:

According to National Careers, the following are some basic skills and expertise you need to have to secure a factory job in Ireland with visa sponsorship:

  • You’ll need some physical abilities, such as strength and the ability to manage affairs.
  • Be detail-oriented and have a high attention span.
  • Be a good teammate.
  • Communication skills with team members and managers
  • The ability to plan and carry out tasks
  • The ability to run and control various machinery at all times.
  • Adaptability to various workstations
  • Be open to new ideas and corrections.
  • Ability to multitask and learn on the job Ability to manufacture and process different products as the demand increases.

These are merely general transferable skills you should have if you want to work in a factory in Ireland with visa sponsorship.

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Factory Jobs in Ireland:

For Foreign Workers:

  • Employment Opportunities: Ireland has a robust industrial industry that requires both skilled and unskilled labor. Foreign workers with visa sponsorship can apply for jobs that provide stable employment.
  • Legal Work Status: Visa sponsorship gives foreign workers legal permission to work in Ireland, reducing the risk of working illegally and facing legal consequences.
  • Competitive Wages: Factory occupations in Ireland frequently pay well, contributing to a comfortable level of living. Wages in Ireland are sometimes greater than in other nations.
  • Skill Development: Factory jobs may require you to master new skills such as production procedures, machine operation, quality control, and so on. This experience has the potential to improve your skill set and future employability.
  • Workplace Safety Standards: Ireland has strict workplace safety standards that ensure you work in a safe and secure environment.
  • Cultural Experience: Working in Ireland provides a cultural experience as well as the opportunity to immerse yourself in Irish society. You can learn about Irish traditions, habits, and way of life.
  • Language abilities: If English is not your first language, working in an English-speaking nation such as Ireland can help you greatly enhance your English language abilities, which is beneficial for both personal and professional development.
  • Access to Services: As a legal worker in Ireland, you have access to basic services such as healthcare and social benefits, which will ensure your well-being throughout your stay.

For Irish Employers:

  • Workforce Availability: Visa sponsorship helps Irish factories access a larger labor pool, especially during peak production seasons or when local labor is in short supply.
  • Diverse Skillsets: Foreign workers may bring with them unique abilities and experiences to the workplace, which can boost overall productivity and innovation.
  • Flexibility: Without the administrative overhead of hiring and training new personnel each season, visa-sponsored workers can assist enterprises in adapting to changing labor needs.
  • Global Networking: Employers may interact with workers from all around the world, thus opening the door to international trade and collaboration.
  • Managing Labor Shortages: Visa-sponsored workers can assist in addressing labor shortages in specific industries or locations, ensuring that production and business operations run smoothly.

What are visa Sponsorship Jobs?

Visa sponsorship jobs, as you might have guessed, are job offers that come with visa sponsorship. Simply put, your employer or organization bears complete financial and legal responsibility for your visa application.

This means that certain employment comes with particular benefits, and all you have to do is apply to a qualifying organization and complete the job requirements. As a result, you are automatically assigned a sponsor for your visa, which includes the legal financial obligation.

There are various visa sponsorship employment available in Ireland for both skilled and unskilled immigrants, including factory positions.

Visa Sponsorship Factory Jobs in Ireland
Visa Sponsorship Factory Jobs in Ireland

Visa Sponsorship Factory Jobs in Ireland:

The following is a list of the most common factory jobs in Ireland, as well as the projected annual average wage based on Indeed, Glassdoor, and skills.

  1. Factory Cleaner
  • Average salary: € 23 985 per year or € 12.30 per hour (Talents)
  1. Factory Electrician 
  • Average Salary: € 52 500 per year or € 26.92
  1. Factory operation Lead 
  • Average salary: € 42 500 per year or € 21.79 per hour.
  1. Factory Manager 
  • Average Salary:  €99,247 per year 
  1. Visual Merchandiser 
  • Average Salary €37565 per year:
  1. Project worker 
  • Average Salary:  €34,989; per year or €18.02 per hour.
  1. Production operator 
  • Average Salary: € 29 000 per year or € 14.87 per hour
  1. Production Associate
  • Average salary: €14.30 per hour
  1. Machine Operator
  • Average salary: €31,200 per year
  1. Production Worker
  • Average salary: €34,202 a year and €16 an hour
  1. Assembler
  • Average salary: € 29 250 per year or € 15 per hour.
  1. Packer
  • Average salary: €13.01 per hour 
  1.  Logistic manager 
  • Average Salary: €62,835 per year
  1. Manufacturing operator
  • Average Salary: €40,833 a year and €20 an hour 
  1. Manufacturing team member 
  • Average salary: €37,252 per year
  1. Warehouse Operator 
  • Average Salary: € 26 280 per year or € 13.48 per hour
  1. Production operator Packaging
  • Average salary: €99,247 per year
  1. Factory Manager 
  • Average salary: €99,247 per year
  1. Industrial Cleaning Operative
  • Average Salary: € 23 985 per year or € 12.30 per hour

These are just a few of the most prevalent factory jobs in Ireland that require a visa. However, some of these occupations may be sector-specific, such as those in the pharmaceutical industry; thus, the duties for these roles vary substantially depending on the industry.

How to Apply for Visa Sponsorship Factory Jobs in Ireland:

Here’s how to apply for a factory job in Ireland with visa sponsorship, step by step:

1. Get a Job Offer

The first stage in obtaining visa sponsorship in Ireland is to obtain a job offer from a qualified employer that offers visa sponsorship to non-EEA individuals. You can proceed with your work permit application once you have received an official job offer.

Please keep in mind, however, that not everyone requires a visa sponsorship to work in Ireland. Furthermore, citizens of the United Kingdom, the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland do not need to obtain a visa to work in Ireland. As a result, if you are from a non-EEA nation, i.e. a country other than the EU, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom, you must apply for a work permit (Employment work permit).

2. Apply for an Employment Work Permit

Qualified foreigners can apply for many sorts of work permits in Ireland. However, the most common are:

  • Critical Skills Employment Permit: This permit is intended for highly skilled professionals in the following professions: IT, engineering, science, health care, research, and so on.
  • General Employment Permit: The General Employment Visa is provided to individuals who apply for jobs that are not on the list of skilled occupations or ineligible occupations. The general employment visa permit is the best one to apply for if you are applying for a factory job with visa sponsorship.
  • Dependent Partner Employment Permits: This permit is intended for applicants who have a family with vital skills employment permits in Ireland.

3. Begin the Application Process

Once you’ve decided on the ideal visa permission for your trip, in this example, the general employment permit, you may begin the application process.

To do so, go to the Employment Permits Online System (EPOS) application page and fill out the form.

Required Documents:

  • A passport that has been confirmed
  • Evidence of official employment
  • Employer and sponsor information
  • Your entire name, age, height, and any pertinent information
  • A copy of your SOP or personal statement detailing the reason for your trip.
  • Financial statement proof
  • Specifics regarding your expected pay
  • Complete information about your job.

4. Submit your Application

You will be required to pay an application fee before you can submit your application. Once you’ve uploaded the relevant document, do a cross-check to eliminate any potential errors or discrepancies. You may proceed with submission if you are certified.

Please keep in mind that you must apply for an employment permit at least 12 weeks before the start of your anticipated employment start date.

Websites to find Visa Sponsorship Factory Jobs in Ireland:

  • Linkedin Ireland
  • Irishjobs 
  • Glassdoor
  • Monster
  • Indeed
  • Jooble
  • Simply hired
  • Careerjet
  • Reeds

Best Recruitment Agencies In Ireland for Visa Sponsorship Jobs:

Applying for visa sponsorship in Ireland can be a difficult procedure, especially with the process of job searching on various job search portals. You can engage with a registered recruitment agency in Ireland to make the process easier. They assist you in completing difficult tasks.

The following are the top visa sponsorship recruitment agencies in Ireland:

  • Approach People Recruitment
  • Storm Recruitment
  • Action Recruitment 
  •  Ward Personnel
  • Allen Recruitment
  • Clark


Factory jobs do not require any special skills, so you can relocate to Ireland with a general employment permit and an official job offer. With visa sponsorship and the many sorts of visa permits accessible for foreign workers, we have given top industrial jobs in Ireland. So, we hope this information assists you in making the best decision for your career progression journey.

For More Info:

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  1. What kind of workers work in a factory?

    According to your degree of instruction, you might work as an assembly line worker, a repair technician, an operations manager, a supervisor, or a quality control specialist.

  2. Is it easy to work in a factory?

    Factory jobs are tough. You work muscles you’re not accustomed to working, and you come home in pain. I had to acquire a lot of things in a short period when I first began working in a factory a year ago, but what struck out the most was how exhausted I felt at the end of an eight- or nine-hour day.

  3. Who is eligible to work in Ireland?

    Citizens of the EEA (the EU plus Iceland, Norway, and Lichtenstein), Switzerland, and the United Kingdom can live and work in Ireland without a work permit. If you are not a citizen of the EEA, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom, you have to get permission to live and work in Ireland.


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