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Visa Sponsorship Factory Worker Jobs in Australia 2024

Are you not from Australia and looking for work? ACA Labor Solutions has job openings in several fields, such as commercial, industry, and resource. The company works with people to find jobs that are a good fit for their skills. If you are good at making things, Richlands has a job for you. The job will be based in the area of production. These are the more specific ones.

Details of Visa Sponsorship Factory Worker Jobs in Australia

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Factory Worker Jobs in Australia

  • Employment Opportunities: The manufacturing sector in Australia is flourishing, and factory worker positions are frequently in demand. Sponsorship for a visa improves the likelihood of obtaining employment in this industry.
  • Work Rights: Possessing a sponsored visa grants individuals the lawful entitlement to engage in employment within Australia, thereby instilling a feeling of stability and protection.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency: Certain visa programs provide trajectories towards obtaining permanent residency, an achievement that may ultimately culminate in the attainment of Australian citizenship. This grants access to numerous benefits and ensures long-term stability.
  • Access to Services: Depending on the specific visa program, sponsored workers may have access to services such as education and healthcare.
  • Salary and Benefits: In Australia, factory work positions are generally accompanied by competitive compensation and benefits, including paid leave, health insurance, and retirement schemes.
  • Cultural Experience: Gaining cultural exposure through employment in Australia provides one with the opportunity to immerse oneself in the nation’s rich natural splendor and vibrant way of life.
  • Development of Skills: Experience and competencies gained while working in a factory setting are often applicable to other industries or positions.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Working in Australia provides the chance to network with industry experts, which may lead to additional employment prospects in the future.

What are the Responsibilities of a Factory Worker:

  • A factory worker moves raw materials, finished goods, and tools around the building either by hand or with the help of powerful equipment.
  • Check the quality and assess the goods and materials by weighing them and seeing how much they weigh.
  • Put together, arrange, wrap, and bundle resources and goods.
  • Help the people who are putting machines together, running them, and doing other jobs.
  • Clean the equipment and work areas.
  • Do some extra simple and manual work.
  • Use tools and machines.

Who Are Eligible for Visa Sponsorship Factory Worker Jobs in Australia?

Asian, African, Latin American, Trinidad, India, Dominica, Grenada, Bangladesh, Antigua, Barbuda, Mexico, Jamaica, Vincent, Kitts-Nevis, Barbados, Pakistan, Lucia, Sudan, Montserrat, The Grenadines, Anguilla, Barbados, Tobago and other European countries.


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Eligible Requirements of Factory Worker Jobs

To get the job, you must meet these requirements:

  • Those who want to apply must have a current forklift license.
  • As a newcomer to Australia, you should follow the laws and rules.
  • Keeping an eye on every little thing.
  • Applicants need to be on time.
  • Candidates must be physically fit and able to do tasks that require them to lift and move things over and over again.
  • Those who apply must be able to work nonstop for the whole shift.
  • People who want to apply must be ready to carefully follow the steps and directions.

How to Apply?

More Info


International job seekers from all over the world can apply for factory worker jobs in Australia through ACA Labor Solutions, which sponsors their visas. For factory worker jobs, the guide lists the benefits, duties, and conditions for getting the job. People from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and other countries that qualify can apply for help with moving, a place to stay, and good pay.

  1. Who is eligible for visa sponsorship for factory worker jobs in Australia?

    Eligible candidates include individuals from Asian, African, Latin American, European, and other specified countries.

  2. What are the responsibilities of a factory worker in Australia?

    Factory workers have to move raw materials, check the quality of goods, put together, organize, wrap, and bundle resources, help machines run, clean machines and work areas, do physical work, and use tools and machines.

  3. How much does a factory worker earn in Australia?

    The average annual salary for factory worker jobs in Australia ranges from $50,000 to $60,000.


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