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Visa Sponsorship Hotel Jobs in Malaysia 2024 – Apply Now

Are you seeking hotel employment in Malaysia that will sponsor your visa? Online job search engines and newspaper advertisements are utilized to publicize the vacancies. Malaysia exclusively advertises non-skilled and general labor vacancies in developed Asian and African countries, including but not limited to India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Ghana.

Malaysia is receptive to menial, semi-skilled, and skilled foreign labor, irrespective of their methodologies. Please continue reading for more information on hotel employment opportunities in Malaysia and the application process.


Details About Visa Sponsorship Hotel Jobs in Malaysia:

  • Country: Malaysia
  • Job Title: Hotel Jobs
  • Education: Diploma
  • Experience: 1-2 years
  • Salary: RM 1500
  • Free accommodation: Yes

What are Hotel Jobs with visa sponsorship?

Conversely, Malaysia maintains cordial diplomatic relations with neighboring African, Asian, and European nations, and online job portals exhibit a high degree of activity and responsiveness. The Malaysian Department of Statistics estimates that the number of migrant workers in the Malaysian economy is around 2.1 million. The World Bank estimated between 2.96 million and 3.26 million foreign laborers in Malaysia in 2017.

Requirements of Visa Sponsorship Hotel Jobs in Malaysia:

As per the findings of an online survey on hotel employment opportunities in Malaysia, the subsequent criteria are of the utmost importance:

  • Improving one’s competitiveness on a selection or impressing an employer are both dependent on experience.
  • Conversely, six months of experience will suffice in this situation.
  • Some employment agencies may require candidates to have completed at least high school.
  • Proficiency in both Malay and English for professional purposes.
  • Each visa document that was specified.

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Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Hotel Jobs in Malaysia:

  • Employment Opportunities: The provision of visa sponsorship enables non-Malaysian nationals to obtain employment in the hotel sector, where competent personnel may be in demand for a variety of positions including management, food and beverage, housekeeping, and hospitality.
  • Gaining International Work Experience: Employment in Malaysia affords individuals the chance to broaden their professional networks on a global scale, gain exposure to a variety of cultures, and gain valuable international work experience.
  • Skill Development: Hotel employment provides prospects for the acquisition of a diverse array of transferable competencies, such as effective customer service, proficient communication, adept problem-solving, cohesive collaboration, and capable leadership.
  • Progression and Career Development: The expanding and dynamic hotel industry in Malaysia offers prospects for professional growth and development within the hospitality sector. Individuals can ascend the career ladder and assume more significant responsibilities with diligence and effort.
  • Cultural Exchange: Malaysia, being a multicultural nation, boasts a heterogeneous populace encompassing a wide range of religions, cultures, and ethnicities. Engaging in hotel work provides individuals with the opportunity to engage with individuals from diverse cultural contexts, thereby promoting cultural appreciation, understanding, and exchange.
  • Competitive Remuneration: Hotel employment in Malaysia customarily provides employees with competitive salaries and benefits, encompassing housing allowances, meal allowances, paid time off, healthcare coverage, and additional amenities that safeguard their financial security and stability.
  • Training and Development: Investing in the professional growth and success of their staff, numerous hotels in Malaysia offer training and development initiatives to augment employees’ expertise and competencies in domains including hospitality management, service excellence, culinary safety, and language proficiency.
  • Quality of Life: Malaysia has established a reputation for its exceptional quality of life, which is attributed to its modern infrastructure, affordable cost of living, outstanding healthcare system, and dynamic culture. Working in Malaysia enables individuals to spend their leisure time exploring the nation’s natural attractions, cuisine, and natural splendor while enjoying a comfortable standard of living.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Employment in the hotel industry presents prospects for establishing a robust professional network within the hospitality sector. This can be achieved through establishing connections with suppliers, customers, industry experts, and business partners. Such connections may facilitate future collaborations and career prospects.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Employer-provided visa sponsorship streamlines the legal procedures for obtaining employment and establishing residence in Malaysia, thereby obviating the necessity for individuals to autonomously navigate intricate immigration processes and guarantee adherence to domestic regulations.

Role of Visa Sponsorship Hotel Jobs in Malaysia:

  • Registration of visitors serves as a log of every visitor.
  • When making reservations for accommodations or any other type of hotel service, culinary services stand out.
  • Include examinations such as security checks.
  • As directed, we shall perform maintenance responsibilities.
  • They are required to cleanse and interact with hotel guests in public areas such as reception, waiting areas, and entrances.
  • Provision of complimentary coffee service delivery to hotel hall functions.
  • Evening Concierge affair coordination.
  • Assembling and clearing the meeting space.

Types of Hotel Jobs:


The housekeeper is responsible for maintaining an immaculate and orderly hotel, including each room. Annual Average Wage: RM 45,000

More Info


Housekeeping Manager

Appropriately referred to as a housekeeping superintendent, the housekeeping manager oversees the operations of every housekeeper on staff at a particular hotel. Monthly average salary: RM 1163

More Info

Security Guard

Outside, around the hotel’s perimeter, and in the lobby, security personnel are strategically stationed to ensure that visitors feel and remain safe during their stay. Simplified Salary: Monthly expense of RM 15,900

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Hotel Manager

All supervisory and non-supervisory personnel who are under their purview are subject to monitoring. An average annual salary of RM50,868 is reported.

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Spa Manager

The leisure manager oversees all activities that occur within the facility. They facilitate the recruitment of therapists and technicians, manage schedules, and guarantee a positive experience for the spa’s clientele. The mean annual salary is RM45000.

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Massage Therapist

A massage therapist is responsible for administering relaxation massages. The average yearly salary is RM 36,000.

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Restaurant Manager

The restaurant manager serves as the liaison between the spa manager and the sanitation manager, among others, due to his oversight of the hotel’s entire restaurant operation. The average annual salary for this position is RM 36,432.

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What is the salary for a hotel worker in Malaysia?

The remuneration for general laborers varies across different corporations and organizations. Once or if an available laborer in a major city is employed by a reputable company, their salary surpasses that of others. However, hotel employees in Malaysia are paid hourly compensation ranging from 18 to 20MYR.

How to Apply for Visa Sponsorship Hotel Jobs in Malaysia:

Employ the search terms that you have established on Google or any other job-searching website, such as Glassdoor, Indeed, or LinkedIn. Simple web searches using terms such as “Hotel Jobs in Malaysia.” If the specified search terms fail to produce the intended outcomes, implement more comprehensive search terms. You may update your resume to emphasize your qualifications.

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  1. What is working in a hotel?

    A variety of responsibilities have to do with hotel positions, such as front desk, management, janitorial, food and beverage, and maintenance.

  2. How much do hotel workers get paid in Malaysia?

    In Malaysia, the average gross compensation for hotel workers is RM59,789, which is equivalent to RM29 per hour.

  3. What are the job responsibilities in a hotel?

    Principal duties include guest registration, reservation creation and modification, hotel operator, and concierge tasks. Guest service agents are required to have a positive and jubilant demeanor, coupled with a strong commitment to offering outstanding customer service to our esteemed clients.


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