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Federal Investigation Agency Jobs 2024 – Apply Online

The most recent FIA Jobs Assistant Sub Inspectors (ASI) openings have been announced throughout Pakistan. This position is open to both men and women. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking for the latest Fia employment. Interested candidates, both men and women, can apply before the deadline. Applications received after the deadline will be rejected.

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Details of Federal Investigation Agency Jobs:

  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • SALARY: PKR. 45,000.00 monthly
  • JOB LOCATION: X5F3+M3P Paec Society Sector 27 A Gulzar E Hijri Scheme 33, Karachi
  • Postal Code: 12345
Federal Investigation Agency Jobs
Federal Investigation Agency Jobs

Benefits Of Federal Investigation Agency Jobs:

  • Enforcement of the law: The FIA is vital to the enforcement of federal laws in Pakistan. It investigates and combats various categories of crimes that fall under its jurisdiction, thereby contributing to the country’s maintenance of law and order.
  • Cybersecurity Protection: In an increasingly digital world, the Cybercrime Wing of the FIA assists in the investigation and prevention of cybercrimes such as online deception, hacking, and identity theft. This is crucial for the protection of individuals and organizations against digital hazards.
  • Control of immigration: The FIA oversees immigration matters, including visa and passport issuance. Regulating immigration helps maintain border security and ensures that only authorized individuals enter and exit the country.
  • Trafficking in Persons: Human trafficking is a serious crime that exploits vulnerable individuals, and the FIA plays a crucial role in combating this crime. By investigating and prosecuting cases of human trafficking, the FIA contributes to the protection of human rights and the prevention of illicit human movement.
  • Money Laundering and Financial Criminal Activity: The FIA investigates money laundering and financial offenses, thereby contributing to the prevention of illegal financial activities that threaten the economy and security of the nation.
  • Transnational Crime: The FIA’s role in investigating cross-border crimes, such as smuggling and illicit trade, contributes to the maintenance of peaceful relations with Pakistan’s neighboring countries.
  • National Defense: The FIA is also responsible for safeguarding national security by investigating and preventing activities that pose a threat to the stability and safety of the nation.
  • Assistance for Businesses: The efforts of the FIA to combat cybercrime and financial misconduct can make it safer for businesses to operate both domestically and abroad.
  • The safeguarding of vulnerable groups: By addressing issues such as human trafficking and immigration control, the FIA protects vulnerable groups from exploitation and damage, including refugees and migrants.
  • International Partnership: The FIA works with international law enforcement agencies like Interpol to combat transnational crimes and facilitate the exchange of information and expertise.
  • Legal Structure: The FIA operates within a legal framework, ensuring that its activities are conducted in accordance with the rule of law, which is essential for preserving public confidence and accountability.

Eligibility Criteria for Federal Investigation Agency Jobs:

The eligibility requirements are listed below.

  • Qualification: A minimum of 16 years of experience is necessary.
  • Experience: A minimum of 5 years of experience is necessary.
  • Age Limit: From 25 to 35 years old.

How to Apply for Federal Investigation Agency Jobs:

To apply online for Fia employment, go to the official website, which is linked below.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the job of FIA?

    The main objective of the FIA is to enforce laws related to smuggling, drugs, currency offenses, foreigners, immigration, and passports, as well as offenses with inter-provincial implications.

  2. Is FIA a police department?

    The Federal Investigation Agency is a border control, criminal investigation, counter-intelligence, and security agency in Pakistan that submits reports to the Interior Secretary and has been charged with investigative authority over operations in opposition to terrorism and spying.

  3. What is FIA’s duty?

    The major function of FIA is to enforce laws relating to Smuggling, Narcotics, Currency offenses, Foreigners, Immigration and passports, and offenses having inter-provincial ramifications.


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