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Healthcare Jobs in Lagos State 2024 – Apply Online

Are you looking for a job where you can make a meaningful difference in healthcare? Then go no further; these healthcare jobs in Lagos are just what you’re looking for. You can take the next step in your healthcare career with these healthcare job opportunities in Lagos.

Here is a list of Healthcare career opportunities in Lagos so you can choose the one that best matches you and your skills. Opticians, neurologists, Clinical specialists, pharmacists, Medical doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Account Managers, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Biomedical engineers, radiographers, Ultrasound technicians, cardiologists, and others are among the occupations available in Lagos State.


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List of Healthcare Jobs in Lagos State:

The following is a list of current Lagos Healthcare jobs that you can apply for for free, saving you time, effort, and money. If any of the aforementioned positions appeal to you, simply scroll down for further information.

1.Clinical Application Specialist- Mindray

Mindray is a leading provider of medical and health technologies. Our efforts are focused on improving medical technologies in order to make healthcare more accessible. We are looking for a qualified candidate for the position of Clinical Application Specialist with prior knowledge of the medical industry and excellent communication and coordination skills, who will set up and provide product application training to end-users, as well as assemble and examine product application and clinical information.

2. Part-time Pharmacist- Troop Pharmacy

Troop Pharmacy, one of Africa’s leading pharmaceutical companies, is looking for qualified candidates for the position of Pharmacist with exceptional customer service experience, IT skills, and in-depth knowledge of dosage administration, measurement, and so on, who will provide medical information, administer an appropriate prescription dosage, and provide medications.

3. Doctor, Clinical Lead- MEDASSIST

MED ASSIST is ideally positioned to provide patients and clients with high-quality services. We are looking for a Doctor with relationship-building abilities, and good communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills to compile and assess internal/external reports, organize monthly reviews, and evaluate clinical teammates’ performance.


4. Pharmacist-Confidential Medical & Pharmaceutical

Confidential Medical & Pharmaceutical is looking for an experienced Pharmacist with interpersonal and relationship-building abilities as well as a Pharmacy certification to record and prepare prescriptions and ensure the Pharmacy runs smoothly.

5. Nurse- Wellcare Home Medicals Ltd

Wellcare Home Medicals Ltd is currently seeking an experienced Nurse with proven listening, empathy, and communication skills to provide live-in care services to patients in the comfort of their own homes.

6. Medical Doctor- Healthrak

Healthrak is looking for an experienced Medical Doctor that is up-to-date on medical technology and has the ability to listen, consult, and connect with patients. This person will give treatments to patients and collaborate with other Physician Assistants and other health practitioners.

7. Accident and Emergency Nurse- Marigold Hospital and Critical Case

Marigold Hospital and Critical Case is a pharmaceutical and medical facility. We are looking for an experienced Accident and Emergency Nurse with exceptional problem-solving abilities, experience in the emergency room, Basic Life Support, and the ability to perform under pressure.

8. Dentist- AMARA MEDICARE Limited

AMARA MEDICARE LIMITED is a multi-specialist clinic specializing in eye, dental, and ENT care. We are looking for an experienced Dentist with strong relationship-building, communication, and interpersonal abilities to examine patients, execute surgical procedures, and give marketing services to businesses.

9. Account Manager- Sundabelt Medical Company

Sunbelt Medical Company is looking for an Account Manager with extensive knowledge of key portfolios of medical products and services, as well as experience in medical equipment and sales, to lead the sales team, manage sales, meet sales targets, and review and analyze various sales reports.

10. Community Pharmacist- JJ & M Nig Ltd

JJ & M Big Ltd is looking for an experienced Community Pharmacist to oversee pharmaceutical manufacturing and preparation, distribute medication to communities, and provide patient care.

11. Medical Laboratory Scientist (Medical Sales Specialist)- Zutron Pharmaceuticals Limited

Sutton Pharmaceuticals Limited is looking for an experienced Medical Laboratory Scientist who is goal-oriented and motivated to create supplies for clients, meet milestones, write daily reports, and promote and deliver medical products.

12. Biomedical Engineering Intern- Medcourt Support Services

Midcourt Support Services is looking for a diligent and self-motivated Biomedical Engineer to collaborate with experienced Engineers to handle technical issues, maintain and repair equipment, and evaluate the performance and safety of biomedical equipment.

13. Radiographer / Ultrasound Technician- Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions

Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions is looking for an experienced, high-energy, and dedicated Radiographer/Ultrasound Technician to do transvaginal and gynecological ultrasounds, BPPs during pregnancy, and take good 4-D images.

14. Physician Cardiologist- BROOT CONSULTING

BROOT CONSULTING is a Heart and Vascular center that aims to hire a Cardiologist with extensive knowledge of modern Cardiology techniques to design treatments for patients, diagnose and treat heart diseases, and prescribe appropriate medications and therapies to patients.

15. Aesthetic Nurse- Prestigious Consulting Group

Prestigious Consulting Group is looking for an Aesthetic Nurse with strong coordination and relationship-building abilities to prepare patients for surgeries, set up treatment rooms, and assist surgeons and physicians with aesthetic procedures.


The RACII EYE DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE is looking for a hardworking, bright, and driven Optician with a degree in Optometry to scan patients and perform other administrative tasks.

17. Medical officer (General practitioner)- Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions

Minimally Invasive Surgical Solutions is looking for a Medical Officer to recommend patients to specialists, do pre-operative exams, keep track of patient consultations, and provide patient management.

18. Consultant Neurologist-Cedarcrest Hospitals Limited

Cedarcrest Hospitals Limited is looking for a Neurologist with exceptional organizational and leadership skills to diagnose complicated medical conditions, administer specialist treatments, counsel patients, and work with other health practitioners.

Benefits of Healthcare Jobs in Lagos State:

  • Diverse Opportunities: Positions in hospitals, clinics, research institutions, pharmaceutical businesses, public health organizations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are available in Lagos State.
  • High desire for Healthcare experts: Lagos State’s rising population and desire for quality healthcare services lead to a constant need for healthcare experts, producing a plethora of work opportunities.
  • Competitive Salaries and Benefits: Healthcare professionals in Lagos State frequently get competitive salaries and perks, such as health insurance, retirement plans, housing allowances, and bonuses.
  • Professional Development: The healthcare sector in Lagos offers possibilities for professional development through ongoing education, training programs, workshops, and access to the most recent medical advances.
  • Community Impact and Service: Working in healthcare allows professionals to have a direct and beneficial impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities, giving them a sense of fulfillment and purpose in their job.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Healthcare employment in Lagos provides an opportunity to network with experts from various backgrounds, encouraging cooperation, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of best practices.
  • Advanced Facilities and Technology: Lagos State has modern healthcare facilities and access to advanced medical technologies, giving healthcare personnel significant experience and exposure to cutting-edge techniques.
  • Job Stability and Security: Consistent demand for healthcare services guarantees job stability and security for healthcare professionals, reducing job uncertainty issues.
  • Cultural & Learning Experience: The rich and diversified cultural milieu of Lagos State provides an enriching experience for healthcare professionals by exposing them to various customs, languages, and traditions.
  • Contribution to Public Health Programs: Healthcare workers in Lagos State are frequently given the option to participate in public health programs, where they can help with illness prevention, health education, and community health improvement.
  • Work-Life Balance: Depending on the healthcare facility and the role, healthcare jobs in Lagos can provide an excellent work-life balance, allowing professionals to pursue personal interests and spend time with family.

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  1. Is Lagos State recruiting health workers?

    The Lagos State Health Service Commission employment portal is open for business and anyone who is interested in applying can do so.

  2. How is healthcare in Lagos?

    Though healthcare in Lagos is more advanced than in rural areas, it is not always accessible for free and may require an extended wait to see a doctor. Vaccinations against diseases are available for youngsters, but they are frequently costly. Investments in health care are failing to keep pace with Lagos’ fast growth in population.

  3. How much does Lagos State pay health workers?

    The salary ranges from NGN 97,816 to NGN 120,456 per year for the person with the highest level of seniority.


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