How to Get a Software Engineering Internship With No Experience

Your first internship can be a difficult experience. You’re not alone if you’re annoyed that firms tend to favor interns with prior internship experience. Every student feels this way at some point, and there are resources available to assist you in obtaining a software engineering internship with no prior experience.

The more internships you do, the easier it is to obtain a job; nevertheless, don’t believe the paradox that ‘every job demands experience, yet you can’t get experience without a job.’ Internships, by definition, are intended to provide students with hands-on experience. Experience is a plus, but it is not required.


What is a Software Engineering Internship?

A software engineer internship is a brief training program for students who want to work as software engineers. Interns in software engineering work alongside experts to hone their software development abilities and gain experience working in a professional setting. Interns may execute activities such as creating, reviewing, testing, and debugging code, writing documentation, and increasing software performance, depending on the internship. Interns are also given mentorship opportunities and encouraged to attend professional development activities.

Internships in software engineering are excellent opportunities to develop the skills required to advance in your profession. Completing one boosts your chances of being recruited after you graduate. Furthermore, many organizations employ internships to locate applicants for entry-level positions.

How to Get a Software Engineering Internship

Cover the basics

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Always have a LinkedIn profile while applying for internships. This profile should be current, and complete, and include a profile photo. You should also ensure that your resume is in good condition. Before you distribute it, have at least one other person read it. This person should ideally have some expertise in reviewing resumes. Your school most likely has a career resource center where specific employees are assigned to analyze resumes. You could also consult a professor or a trusted friend.

If you don’t have anything to add to your resume, including any projects or assignments you’ve completed for your classes, List each project separately and use bullet points to describe what you did for it, what the goal was, how you enhanced it, and anything else that comes to mind.

Coding Clubs

The university is more than just earning your degree. As a student, you will have access to a network of groups that will help you advance professionally. When you want to learn a new talent, don’t pay for an extra course; instead, do it for free through clubs. You won’t even have to pay for any resources you may require; most will be covered through funds.


When you have no prior internships, working with people to produce code is the best type of experience. You will learn teamwork and leadership abilities while being coached by more senior students.

However, do not join a coding club only for the purpose of improving your résumé. Join a project that you actually want to be a part of, and your excitement will shine through whenever you are asked about your team. Nobody wants to hire someone who isn’t enthusiastic about their job.

Reach out to recruiters

Connecting with recruiters at organizations that interest you can help you get ahead in the application process. “Attend events, introduce yourself, and send a thoughtful message to the recruiter on LinkedIn or via email,” Grunfeld advises. “Start early, ideally in your freshman year. Unfortunately, who you know still matters, so this is a terrific way to be ‘known’ by one of the gatekeepers for the job and to have someone fighting for you within the company.

Create a portfolio

Making a side project or portfolio can help you stand out while applying for internships. A side project for a software engineering internship could be as basic as developing a website. Create a website with basic functionality (such as a chat box, infographics, analytics, and so on). It could be anything. Anything to demonstrate your ability to develop and publish content on the internet.

You can even expand on this concept by creating a personal website. Here are some suggestions for your personal website:

  • An introduction part where the reader can learn more about you.
  • A portfolio section to highlight the numerous projects you’ve worked on
  • in an area for “interests” where you can integrate various functionalities. For instance, if you enjoy sports, you can display various statistics, graphs, and visualizations of your favorite team.

Prepare your resume

A software engineering internship resume does not require much, if any, professional employment experience. Hiring teams are looking for potential as much as they are for demonstrated experience and competency,” says Archie Payne, president of IT and technical staffing business CalTek Staffing. “Interns must be open to constructive feedback and have a growth mindset in order to learn and improve throughout their internship.” Demonstrating this, in addition to the talents listed above, will place candidates ahead of other applicants for the internship.

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Personal Projects

Coding clubs are excellent resume builders, but they have two limitations. First, they expect you to commit on a regular basis (typically at least once a week). Second, the projects are completed, and team decisions are made. Starting a personal project may be a better alternative if you prefer freedom in your schedule and complete control over your work.

Personal projects demonstrate to employers that you can train yourself and solve problems with little assistance from others. You will gain a far deeper understanding of the task because you are the only one contributing to it. If you develop your own website, you cannot focus solely on the front end while leaving the back end to a team member; you must learn both.

Where do you begin? There’s no need to recreate the wheel. Look for examples online, use open-source code, and post inquiries on Stack Overflow. Starting from scratch allows you to get a deeper understanding, but it takes time. Working with open-source repositories exposes you to superior code, even if time is not an issue. Your attempt may do the work correctly, but someone online most certainly has a superior method. Learn from their mistakes.

How to Get a Software Engineering Internship With No Experience
How to Get a Software Engineering Internship With No Experience

Companies that hire foreign students for internships

Adobe Research

When you think of Adobe Systems, you think of creativity as well as technology. This globally famous brand employs around 21,000 people worldwide, and students have various internship opportunities to select from.


Accenture is a well-known professional services firm focused on strategy and consulting. They are well-known for their expertise in security services as well as digital and cloud services. Accenture employs roughly 505,000 employees worldwide, with operations in 51 countries.

JP Morgan

When it comes to financial industry leaders, JPMorgan (also known as JPMorgan Chase) appears to be at the top of the list. They provide a plethora of financial solutions not only to consumers but also to the world’s most prestigious enterprises and corporations. He is also well-known for his research efforts aimed at addressing global economic concerns. JP Morgan employs 256,980 employees on average.

IBM Corporation

IBM Corporation, also known as International Business Machines, is a multinational technology firm that offers consumer and enterprise hardware and software solutions, as well as cloud-based services and cognitive computing. They currently employ almost 384,000 people worldwide and offer various valuable internship and co-op opportunities to students and recent graduates, including:


For good reason, Google is regarded as having some of the most competitive internships available. They are known as the information superhighway, and they have made it their mission to make knowledge available to everyone, everywhere. This includes staying ahead of technological changes and making it as user friendly as feasible.

Google currently employs approximately 118,000 people worldwide, providing job opportunities in a variety of industries. There are various choices available to students looking for internships.


Microsoft is a well-known company that creates computer software and applications. Their primary focus is on developing, manufacturing, and licensing a wide range of software products, server applications, business applications, and operating systems. They presently employ over 163,000 people worldwide and offer many internship opportunities to students and new graduates.


Intel Corporation is another well-known technological company that hires international pupils. The brand’s mission is to shape the future of technology. They are well-known for their advancements in computer hardware and software for both personal and commercial use. Intel currently employs roughly 110,800 people worldwide, including international interns.


Obtaining a software engineering internship with no prior experience may seem challenging, but it’s entirely achievable with the right approach and determination. Remember that internships are designed to provide you with hands-on experience, and many companies are open to hiring interns without a lengthy resume from prior internships. Here’s a summary of the key steps to help you secure a software engineering internship:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to Get a Software Engineering Internship With No Experience

    Finding internships without prior experience can be difficult, if not impossible, at times. However, it is extremely possible, and anyone can do it. You simply must be able to promote yourself properly.

  2. Can I become a software engineer with no experience?

    However, with the proliferation of computer science education and training opportunities, it has never been easier to break into the software engineering field, even if you have little to no prior industry experience. All that is required is a healthy amount of ambition, hard work, insight, and adaptability.


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