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Taxi Driver Jobs in Canada Visa Sponsorship 2024

Are you excited about driving and giving great customer service? Don’t look any further! Because of this, VICTORIA Designated DRIVER Administrations LTD. is now looking for dedicated and skilled taxi drivers to join our team in Canada. If you meet the requirements, we can support your visa, which will make it easier for you to look for your dream job.

As a Taxi Driver for VICTORIA Assigned DRIVER Administrations LTD., you could make a big difference in making sure that our valued customers get where they need to go safely and quickly. You will be responsible for meeting up with travelers, following their planned routes, and getting them to their desired destinations in a friendly and helpful way.


Details of Taxi Driver Jobs in Canada Visa Sponsorship

  • Jobs Part: Taxi Driver Employments In Canada with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now
  • Company: VICTORIA Assigned DRIVER Administrations LTD.
  • Location: Victoria, BC
  • No. of Opportunities: 10
  • Industry: Driving Company
  • Salary: CAD 40 – CAD 60 Per Hour
  • Country: Canada
  • Education: No degree certificate or diploma
  • Experience: 3 years to less than 5 years


  • A valid driver’s license and a history of good driving.
  • Being a cab driver before is preferred but not necessary.
  • Being familiar with the streets, attractions, and places of interest in the neighborhood.
  • Excellent conversation skills and the ability to speak English well (being able to speak other languages is an added bonus).
  • A friendly demeanor with strong skills in helping clients.
  • Being able to work flexible hours, including weekends and holidays.


  • Operate a car safely by following all activity rules and laws.
  • Pick up travelers at designated spots and take them where they need to go.
  • Help travelers with loading and unloading their gear or personal items.
  • Keep your car clean and in good shape by reviewing it regularly and reporting any problems.
  • Give great customer service by being friendly, knowledgeable, and flexible.
  • Take good care of cash payments or Internet transactions.
  • Take careful notes on trips, miles, and costs.
  • Follow the company’s methods and plans at all times.

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Benefits of Taxi Driver Jobs in Canada Visa Sponsorship

  • Employment Stability: Taxi driving is a dependable profession characterized by consistent service demand, which ensures a continuous stream of employment prospects.
  • Employment Rights: Visa sponsorship confers the lawful entitlement to labor in Canada, thereby guaranteeing the pursuit of a taxi driving profession devoid of any legal entanglements.
  • Prospects for Permanent Residency: The feasibility of obtaining permanent residency in Canada, which grants access to social benefits and long-term stability, may vary depending on the particular visa program pursued.
  • Flexibility: Frequently, taxi driving provides flexible hours, enabling one to manage professional obligations and personal commitments.
  • Prospects for Entrepreneurship: Certain visa programs may grant you the ability to eventually establish your transportation enterprise or advance your career through entrepreneurial endeavors in a related field.
  • Social Interaction and Networking: Operating a taxi offers prospects for engaging in networking and social interaction with passengers hailing from various cultural contexts, which may serve as an introduction to additional prospects.
  • Potential Income: Taxi drivers in Canada can earn a respectable income, particularly in urban areas where transportation services are in high demand.
  • Access to Services: You may be eligible for essential services, including healthcare and education, for yourself and your family, as a sponsored worker.
  • Cultural Experience: Engaging in taxi driving allows one to engage with individuals representing diverse cultural contexts, thereby furnishing one with a culturally enriching experience.
  • Proficiency Development: Engaging in taxi driving improves one’s navigational acumen, driving prowess, and customer service aptitude, all of which can prove to be advantageous in diverse professional domains.

How to Apply?

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Find out how fun and satisfying it is to drive a taxi in Canada with VICTORIA Designated Driver Administrations Ltd. This piece goes over the specifics of the job, such as the duties, requirements, and benefits. It stresses the chance for visa support, which opens the door for people from all over the world. Taxi driving gives you freedom, the chance to experience other cultures, a steady income, and ties in the community. If you want to have a great time as a car driver in Canada, join our team.

  1. How many job opportunities are available?

    There are currently 10 openings for taxi driver positions with VICTORIA Designated Driver Administrations LTD. in Victoria, BC.

  2. What is the salary range for taxi drivers in Canada with visa sponsorship?

    The salary ranges from CAD 40 to CAD 60 per hour.

  3. Can I immigrate to Canada as a taxi driver?

    As a taxi driver, you might qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Canadian Experience Class if you have work experience in Canada. Meet the requirements: Each immigration program has its own set of requirements. 2


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