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US EB3 Work Visa Process – Skilled, Unskilled Workers

The US EB3 Visa is an immigrant visa based on employment that lets the holder live and work in the USA forever. The US EB3 immigrant card is for professionals, skilled workers, and workers with less education. There were 162,616 EB-3 visas given out. The EB3 Visa can be applied for by people from any country. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the US EB3 Work Visa Process.

With the EB3 Visa, foreign workers can also get a green card to live and work in the United States. The US Employers Data Hub will also be there. The Data will show you which US company has funded the most work visas. You can also go after these businesses. Here are some more facts about the US EB3 Work Visa process.


Details of US EB3 Immigrant Visa

So, in simple terms, the EB3 Visa in the United States is an immigrant visa based on employment that lets you live and work in the United States forever. Employers in the US must provide a full-time job.

List of US Companies That Sponsor Work Visas

I’ve included a link to the US companies that support Work Visas for people from other countries every year. A lot of companies pay for foreign workers to come to the United States and work for them.

You can look for jobs on their websites or email them to ask if they also support EB3 visas.

Categories of EB3 Visa

There are three categories of EB3 Visas:

  • Skilled workers
  • Professionals
  • Unskilled workers 

Eligibility Criteria for US EB3 (Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Unskilled Workers)

Skilled Workers for EB3 Visa

One must be able to show that they have at least two years of relevant experience, knowledge, schooling, or training.



  • This needs to be approved by the Department of Labor through a labor license.
  • You must get a valid job offer from a company in the US.

Professionals for EB3 Visa

You must be able to show that you have a U.S. bachelor’s degree or a foreign degree that is the same as a U.S. bachelor’s degree.


  • This needs to be approved by the Department of Labor through a labor license.
  • You must get a valid job offer from a company in the US.
US EB3 Work Visa Process - Skilled, Unskilled Workers
US EB3 Work Visa Process – Skilled, Unskilled Workers

Unskilled Workers (Other workers)

You don’t need to have worked for 2 years to do this. One must be able to do work that doesn’t require a lot of skill.


  • Hold a job offer from a U.S. company that can show that qualified U.S. workers are not available.
  • This needs to be approved by the Department of Labor through a labor license.

EB3 Visa Cost

Costs related to the EB3 Visa must be paid by both the employer and the employee:

  • $700 to file an immigrant petition. Paid to USCIS, which stands for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The employer who is making a petition must pay this fee.
  • Form DS-260 for applying for an immigrant visa costs $325. It is an online form that everyone who wants an immigrant visa must fill out.
  • Costs vary for the medical check and any necessary vaccinations.

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Required Documents for US EB3 Visa

For your EB3 visa application, you will need the following items.

  • At least six months are left on a foreign passport.
  • Two photos the size of a passport that meet the US visa standards.
  • Fill out Form I-140 or Form I-907 (if you want the process to go faster), if appropriate. If applicable, Form I-140 and Form I-907 payment receipts.
  • Certificate of birth.
  • Identification from the government, like a driver’s card.
  • The US Department of Labor issues labor certifications.
  • job offer from an employer.
  • Certificates of academic qualifications.
  • Proof that taxes were paid.
  • Forms for a medical exam were filled out.

Step-by-Step US EB3 Work Visa Process 2024

If a US employer offers you a job, you should do these things.

Labor Certification (By Employer)

The employer must first get permission from the Department of Labor to hire someone.

File a Petition (By Employer)

When the boss gets the labor certification, he or she fills out Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker.

Immigrant Visa Application

Once you get the Petition form and the work certification, the last step is to use the DS-260 Form to apply online for a US Immigrant Visa.

Book an Appointment

You have to make an appointment at the US Embassy that is closest to you in your country.


You will have to go to the government, show them all the paperwork, and be interviewed. After the interview, a choice will be made.

US EB3 Visa Website

On the official site of the US Department of State, you can find out everything you need to know about the US EB3 Employment-based immigrant Visa.

Benefits Of US EB3 Work Visa:

  • Employment Opportunities: The ability to work lawfully in the United States is one of the key benefits of the EB-3 Work Visa. It enables foreign nationals to find work in the United States and, in some situations, eventually become permanent residents (green card holders).
  • Permanent Residency Pathway: After completing specific requirements, visa holders in some EB-3 visa categories, such as EB-3 (Skilled Workers and Professionals) and EB-3 (Other Workers), may apply for lawful permanent residency (a green card). This may result in long-term residence and employment permits in the United States.
  • Family Members: As derivative beneficiaries, EB-3 visa holders may be able to bring their immediate family members (spouses and unmarried children under 21) to the United States. These family members are also eligible for work authorization.
  • Job Security: Because the EB-3 visa category is often employer-sponsored, your U.S. employer has committed to hiring you. This can give you a feeling of employment security.
  • Wage Protection: Employers must pay EB-3 visa holders a wage that is equal to or more than the prevailing wage for the occupation in the specific geographic area. This helps to ensure that foreign workers are not exploited and are adequately compensated.
  • Job-based Immigration: Because the EB-3 visa category is part of the United States job-based immigration system, your employment skills and qualifications are important in acquiring the visa.
  • Access to the U.S. Labor Market: EB-3 visa holders have access to the huge U.S. labor market, which can provide a diverse range of job prospects and opportunities for promotion.
  • Ability to Change Employers: While the initial EB-3 visa is frequently job-specific, under certain situations, you may be able to change companies and keep your visa status.
  • No Investment Requirement: Unlike some other visa categories, the EB-3 does not require a major financial stake in the United States. It is instead mostly based on job sponsorship.
  • Path to Citizenship: If you become a permanent resident (green card holder) through the EB-3 visa, you may be entitled to petition for U.S. citizenship after meeting the relevant conditions and waiting for the appropriate term.

Difference between EB3 Visa and H1B Visa

The EB3 Visa is for people who want to live in the United States permanently. It is an Immigrant Visa. While H1B is a more common and well-known type of temporary work visa. You can stay for six years if you have an H1B Visa.

  1. Who can Apply for the US EB3 Visa?

    Skilled workers, untrained workers, and professionals from any country who want to move to the US can get an EB3 Visa.

  2. Can I apply for the EB-3 visa without a job offer?

    You can’t do that. The EB3 Visa is a foreign visa based on work. You need an offer of a stable job from a company in the US.

  3. How many EB3 visas per year?

    There is a limit of 140,000 EB-3 visas given out each year. The U.S. Department of State decides how many EB-3 cards will be given out each year.


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