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Visa Sponsorship Au Pair Jobs in Germany 2024 – Apply Now

Opportunities for individuals desiring to reside and function in Germany are abundant. Undoubtedly, becoming an au pair is the most effective method to gain exposure to a new culture. We oversee all facets, including the identification of a suitable immediate relative who meets your criteria and the administration of sponsorship and visa applications.

If you are interested in au pair positions in Germany, consult the source for more information, irrespective of your prior experience as an au pair or if this is your first au pair experience.


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Details of Visa Sponsorship Au Pair Jobs in Germany

  • Country: Germany
  • Job Title: Au Pair Jobs
  • Insurance available
  • Education: Diploma

Requirements for Au Pair Jobs

In Germany, specific qualifications must be met to be considered for au pair employment.

  • The minimum age criterion is 18, and the maximum age restriction is 30.
  • Strong dialogue
  • Furthermore, applicants must have experience with child care, be dependable and trustworthy, and enjoy jogging with children.
  • It is anticipated that au pairs will engage in cultural exchange activities and provide minor domestic support.
  • They often devote between twenty-five and thirty hours per week to painting, apart from receiving lodging, food, and a monthly stipend.
  • Furthermore, health insurance and a valid passport are mandatory qualifications for au pair positions in Germany.

Duties of Au Pair Jobs

  • In Germany, au pairs are responsible for a variety of tasks that facilitate the daily life of the host family, and the children under their care exhibit generally positive behavior.
  • Cooking, assisting with assignments, coaching instructional sports, and providing transportation to and from school and extracurricular activities are typical responsibilities of an Au Pair in Germany.
  • Additionally, au pairs are required to assist with minor housework that involves the children, like arranging laundry or organizing rooms.
  • Even if they also adopt the German language and customs, au pairs are encouraged to impart their native tongue, traditions, and customs to their host family, as the Au Pair program places a strong emphasis on cultural exchange.

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Au Pair Jobs in Germany

  • Cultural Exchange: Au pair positions frequently entail residing with a foreign host family, thereby presenting a substantial opportunity for individuals to engage in cultural exchange. Au pairs have the opportunity to experience the customs, traditions, and daily existence of a new culture.
  • Language Learning: The opportunity to reside with a host family provides au pairs with an immersive language-learning experience by exposing them to the national language. This has the potential to greatly enhance linguistic proficiency and foster cross-cultural comprehension.
  • Childcare Experience: The primary responsibility of the au pair roles is to provide the host family with childcare services. Prospective educators, psychologists, and others in the child-related professions may find this practical experience with children to be extremely beneficial.
  • Provision of Accommodation and Meals: To alleviate the financial burden of au pairs, host families customarily furnish them with lodging and meals. Au pairs can save money while acquiring invaluable international experience through this arrangement.
  • Stipend or Allowance: Au pairs frequently receive a stipend or allowance from their host families, in addition to lodging and board. Although the precise sum may differ, it furnishes monetary assistance for individual expenditures and pursuits.
  • Travel Opportunities: During their time off, au pairs may be allowed to investigate the host country and neighboring regions. This excursion provides them with the chance to expand their knowledge, explore unfamiliar locales, and optimize their sojourn in a foreign country.
  • Personal Development: Personal development is enhanced through the acquisition of skills such as managing responsibilities, adapting to a new environment, and living independently in a foreign country. Au pair employment promotes autonomy, flexibility, and adeptness in resolving challenges.
  • International Networking: Au pair programs frequently facilitate interactions with residents, host families, and other au pairs. This networking can result in valuable connections, enduring friendships, and a global perspective on life.
  • Enhanced Resume: A resume that includes experience as an au companion can be significantly enhanced. Candidates with international work and living experience are frequently valued by employers because they demonstrate adaptability, proficiency in cross-cultural communication, and a capacity to assume accountability.
  • Assistance from Agencies: A considerable number of au pair programs are supported by agencies that offer assistance to the host family as well as the au pair. In the event of complications, this support may consist of orientation, training, assistance with documentation, and mediation.

Types of Au Pair Jobs

The following is a list of ten distinct types of au pair positions in Germany that sponsor visas:

  • Conventional Au Pair
  • Au Pair Language Tutor
  • Summer Au Pair
  • Educational Au Pair
  • Special needs Au pairs
  • Au Pair Cultural Exchange
  • Live-in Au pair
  • Part-time Au Pair
  • Au Pair for Multiple Children
  • School-Aged Children Au Pair

Salary for Au Pair Jobs in Germany

Monthly compensation for au pair positions in Germany ranges from 300 to 1000 euros on average.

More Info

  1. What visa do I need to be an au pair in Germany?

    Au Pairs will get a 90-day visa, which they have to exchange for a residence permit once in Germany. To get it, they must first register at the local office (Einwohnermeldeamt) and then at the foreign office (Ausländerbehörde).

  2. Is Germany accepting au pairs? 

    Au pairs who need a visa to enter Germany are entitled to work in the country for a maximum of 12 months. The au pair contract must be signed for a minimum of 6 months; otherwise, it will not be acknowledged by the German Employment Office. EU au pairs will only need the au pair contract.

  3. What is the age limit for au pairs in Germany? 

    If you wish to apply for a visa for Au Pair, you have to be at least 18 years of age and cannot be older than 26 years of age at the time of application. The duration of stay for an Au Pair is a maximum of one year. An extension in Germany or a second Au Pair stay in Germany is not possible.


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