Why Was Shamoon Abbasi Absent From His Daughter Wedding

Anzela Abbasi, who is the daughter of Juvaria Abbasi and Shamoon Abbasi, just got married. Juvaria Abbasi planned three events: a Mehndi, a Shendi, and a Walima. Her friends and family were there, but not her ex-husband, Shamoon Abbasi. People were very interested in why Shamoon Abbasi wasn’t at his daughter’s wedding and asked him about it.

Shamoon Abbasi has written a message today that is very clear. Some people think it’s because he won’t be at his daughter’s wedding. He wrote a message, but he didn’t name anyone. He said that he is cutting ties with all the people in his life who are not honorable.


Here’s what he wrote: “Just a small warning about why I decided to cut ties with shameless people: I never wanted to be connected to or known to have anything with rude and shameless people, and I never will. No matter what my relationship with them is, I’d rather not be around them. God, you’re great for sending me gifts in secret. Some physical injuries keep you from getting hurt on the inside. Allah is the greatest. Check out the post he made on his official Facebook page:

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Also, Shamoon Abbasi’s sister, Anoushay Abbasi, said that Shamoon Abbasi was in an accident but is fine now. Shamoon Abbasi also wrote about his crash on Instagram, but he quickly took down the post. Check out this post by Anoushay Abbasi:

  1. What was the reason for Shamoon Abbasi’s absence from his daughter’s wedding?

    Shamoon Abbasi has not explicitly disclosed the precise cause for his daughter’s wedding absence in public. It may be the result of personal reasons, professional obligations, or family dynamics.

  2. Has Shamoon Abbasi addressed his absence?

    Shamoon Abbasi has not issued any official statements or detailed public comments regarding his absence from the ceremony, as of the most recent information.

  3. Did any family disputes arise?

    His absence has been the subject of speculation regarding potential family disputes or personal differences; however, Abbasi and his family members have yet to confirm these claims.


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