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Portugal Seasonal Work Visa for Foreigners 2024

Foreigners can now apply for the Portugal Seasonal Work Visa for, which makes the country a popular place for international workers. The visa can be applied for at the Portugal office or VFS Global. It is valid for 90 days or 9 months. Portugal is now a popular place for people from other countries to work.

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Details of Portugal Seasonal Work Visa for Foreigners:

Required Documents

  • Application Form for Visa
  • Valid travel documents, such as a passport,.
  • Passport Photograph
  • Return Ticket
  • Travel Insurance
  • As required by law and set by the appropriate government agency, proof of support.
  • A job contract or legitimate job offer for seasonal work spells out the place, time, and type of work, as well as the length of the job, the pay, and any paid time off.
  • Proof of a place to stay or a lease deal. The company might also make accommodations.

Benefits of Portugal Seasonal Work Visa for Foreigners

  • Legal Work Status: A seasonal work visa ensures that you comply with immigration laws and regulations by granting you legal permission to work in Portugal for a specified period.
  • Opportunities for Employment: Portugal presents a diverse range of seasonal employment prospects, with particular emphasis on sectors including agriculture, tourism, and hospitality, all of which can offer significant work experience.Cultural Immersion: Working in Portugal provides the opportunity to interact with locals, acquire Portuguese customs, traditions, and language, and immerse oneself in the local culture.
  • Opportunities for Travel: Portugal’s advantageous geographical position in Europe grants convenient connectivity to various European nations, enabling leisure travelers to delve into distinct cultures and destinations.
  • Travel Opportunities: Seasonal employment offers the chance to generate income, which can be utilized to fund travel expenditures, support living expenses, or accumulate funds for future undertakings.
  • Income Generation: Gaining experience and developing valuable skills in a variety of industries, including hospitality, agriculture, and tourism, through seasonal employment in Portugal can bolster your resume and future career prospects.
  • Possibilities for Networking: Working in Portugal provides the chance to establish connections and professional networks that may prove advantageous for future collaborations or employment prospects.
  • Cultural Exchange: Cultural exchange can be fostered through professional endeavors and engagements with local and colleague communities. By imparting knowledge and insights from one another, you can impart your own heritage and experiences.
  • Temporary Commitment: Seasonal work visas generally possess a predetermined duration, thereby affording individuals who may not wish to commit to long-term employment or residency in Portugal a degree of flexibility.
  • Work-Life Balance: In the course of your free time, you might be afforded opportunities to partake in recreational pursuits and discover the splendor, coastlines, and landmarks of Portugal, contingent upon the nature of your seasonal employment.

Duration of Seasonal Visa in Portugal

Long-stay visas are good for one year, while short-stay visas are good for 90 days.

List Available Work Sectors For The Seasonal Work Visa in Portugal

  • Agriculture, hunting, livestock, fishing and forestry
  • Gross and Retail commerce
  • Land transport
  • Tobacco and food industries and Liquor
  • Construction
  • Hospitality and Restaurants

Who can Apply for the Portugal Seasonal Work Visa?

People who are not citizens of the EU can get a Portugal Seasonal Worker Visa. This includes people who live in Europe but are not citizens of the EU.

How to Apply for the Portugal Seasonal Work Visa?

The best way to find a Portugal Seasonal Work Visa for foreigners in 2024 online is to go to an online job board and look for work. Here are a few of the most well-known sites.

List of Website to Find Jobs in Portugal

  • indeed
  • Turijobs (


Portugal has seasonal work, which is a good way for both newcomers and experienced workers to make a living. This piece is useful for both newcomers and professionals because it talks about the Basic Requirements of Portugal’s Seasonal Visa and what the future holds.

  1. Is a work visa open in Portugal?

    Indians and other EU citizens can work in Portugal without a work visa, but Indians and other non-EU citizens must meet certain requirements and have a job offer from a Portuguese company.

  2. How to get seasonal work in Portugal?

    For seasonal work, you need a legal visa or a temporary stay permit, as well as a job offer or contract.

  3. What are the seasonal jobs in Portugal for Pakistanis?

    These sectors include agriculture, livestock, hunting, forestry, and fishing. Hospitality, restaurants, and similar establishments.


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